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The final triangle is done

The final triangle is done

The final triangle is done, I might stain it one more time but I like the color and I think if I don’t wipe, it’ll darken up. This is also the last time I buy wood from Home Depot, there’s a terrifying amount of wood putty in here to make it look decent. Also you can see in the top right there’s a weird dark spot that it picked up when I stained it but otherwise wasn’t present before I stained it. Sigh.

The design is sort of based on Polyphanes woodworking. He was cool enough to send me high resolution pictures of his own designs, but I wanted to keep this all hebrew. The names written on the outer edge are the sephirot. Read right to left (anticlockwise), it represents the descent from kether. Read left to right (clockwise) it represents the ascent from malkuth. It’s all hand made with wood burning tools and the finest random orbital sander (truly the name of a magical instrument if there ever was one) money can buy.

EDIT: The previous one was drawn on sturdy poster board. It sucked. This one is the size of a pizza if anyone was wondering. Mmmm. Pizza of the Gods.

EDIT 2: I’m going to learn if I’ve been doing magic correctly if I keep hanging out in the fumes. Edited for spelling and going outside.