In the spirit of exceedingly poor decision making, my wife was dead set on summoning Bifrons. Opened by considering burning my copy of the lesser key.

Opened by KC, LBRP, LIRH, KC.

We had a heck of a time getting the spirits attention. I went through the first call (skinner edition) three times, then I decided to issue the welcome. We got nothing for a good 15 minutes. She addressed the spirit anyway, but we still got nothing. Finally I was ready to declare the thing a wash and as I was flipping to the license to depart, the bizarre stuff started happening. The poster on the other side of the room is an anatomy poster, it visibly shook enough it got our attention. My wife really wanted to try to address the spirit now that the weird stuff started happening, so I went through and did a full reading of the conjuration again, and then went directly into the second conjuration. The second conjuration ended and my wife pointed out the table cloth was moving as though someone had shook the table. She interrupted the second conjuration, which is bad, so I went directly from the second call into the constraint.

This produced a calmness to the room, but a brewing, churning sensation in the triangle. I felt a bit sick in my stomach. She want through her entire speech again and was trying to smoke scry, when I decided to close my eyes and see if Wizard Vision(tm) produced anything.

Almost immediately I noticed I was in an extremely tall stone room. The walls were equal parts (12?) columns of stone and glass windows. The outside was extremely bright. The spirit stood in the middle in some sort of black robe with sash and filigree about it’s neck. It had a beret sort of cap, and a green slate hung behind it. A strong wood table was in front of us. The spirit carried a rod, and a book.

After a line of questioning, we finally figured out the spirit seemed perfectly content with us calling it on an as needed basis but at the same time, it wanted my wife to write it’s seal down and use it as a bookmark for information she absolutely needed to know. Some people highlight, this spirit wanted to live in her medical textbooks. She’s supposed to keep one on her person also as a magical link.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to call up my HGA (suspiciously absent tonight, always enough rope to hang myself…) and a few angels and see if we can do this better.

Gave the spirit the license to depart, then banished with LBRP, LBRH. Will probably burn enough sage to keep hippies camped for a week…