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I was just about to clean these guys out of my RSS feed when they came up with this nonfluffy post which had me screaming this this this this this is how you talk to angels!!!!!111!!!1! on the train. OK there was a lot less screaming, but I did bookmark the post so I could read it on a real computer when I got into work.
Here’s the thing – it took me forever to figure out, and it really clicked once I had kids. Kids talk to their toys. They do. They don’t particularly understand that a toy is or is not a person, or a bear, or a crane. When my timing belt and water pump broke on my car, I let my son run around the garage while I rolled around under the car. He would repeatedly walk up to it, hug it, and say “Don’t worry car, we’ll fix you up!” If only a timing belt were as easy as Doc McStuffins makes it out to be, we’d be done in 20 minutes. It’s easy to write this off as “oh well kids don’t know what’s real and what isn’t and in the age of picture perfect CGI, the Atari 2600 generation needs to get over it”. Well, no. The kids do understand that something is a toy or isn’t a toy, but we’re all born with the psychopomp mechanism.

Someone of an atheistic persuasion would probably be inclined to write this off as “active imagination” and say there’s no spiritual interaction required. There’s a real deep dive here – you can have active imagination visions where you decide you’re talking to your battle buddy and you talk about the good old days. This would, in fact, be imagination without plumbing this vision more. Now lets say you decide your buddy is actually a talking dog. Can you change your buddy into a talking dog? If so, you’re in the realm of imagination. This is called testing the spirit, or testing the vision. On the other hand, if your vision dims or your buddy looks confused (or you lose it entirely), this is actually a true magical state and you’re talking to a spirit. This is the most general, but least reliable way of testing the spirit. Ben Rowe has a similarly awful way of testing the spirit, where he throws LVX signs at everything. Neither one is particularly good. Trying to push a form onto a spirit merely means the spirit is committed enough to the form it has to resist the form. Similarly making very general signs at the spirit – you might sort out a particular class of spirit (enochian, angelic, goetic, natural) but it doesn’t really tell you much about the spirit you’re dealing with.

I cling dearly to the technique of “small examinations” when dealing with new spirits. While it might seem droll to immediately test a spirit with “show me your shirt, show me your feet, show me your face, show me your hair…” What I’m really doing is a small set of tests for a spirit. Either the spirit can paint the right sort of pictures, or we decide the spirit isn’t the specific spirit we want to deal with. Similarly I don’t think I would have encouraged newbies to take on the HGA working, since there’s almost no way to test an unknown spirit. The HGA workings represent magical explorations, or cutting edge magic. That being said, this technique of testing the spirits in minutiae was developed for working with Enochian magic. We’re given precious little guidance about how the individual spirits appear except for guesses based on assumptions we have to make about the hierarchies. The calls provide some clue, because they have elemental attributions so long as you use fixed watchtowers from the Golden Dawn.

Similarly, the names of the Angels carry telesmanic imagery. The sigilum dei also carries the names of the Angels of the planets in Hebrew. I could write books on Enochian, but the point of this is that we have mechanisms to test even unknown spirits if we can tease the slightest bit of information out of them.This brings us to the next sticky wicket of ceremonial magic – an extremely talented scryer could probably hit the spirit the first time reliably, but for the rest of us, we have to hit the books. We have to hit books in strange, unknown languages. We have to hit books which are almost illegible. Does this mean we know how to test the spirits or are we pre-loading our brains with an expectation of spiritual experience?The other side of this rabbit hole is that if we merely receive a vision of a spirit, and we have no interaction, then we’re probably pre-loading our brain to see the spirit. My pet model here is that building the “realm” of the spirit allows the spirit to then enter the space and present itself. I’m extremely careful to avoid building ideas about the spirit’s appearance itself. Rather, the spirit has to also enter the realm, as sort of a neutral ground, and present itself through the astral puppet in the realm. This is why I got bent out of shape but ultimately accepting of Saturn carrying Jupiters colors in the Saturn realm. Now lets rewind to the beginning of the post. We’ve setup this wonderful method of testing the spirits astrally, but if you’ve been reading the blog, you know sometimes I don’t prefer to eyelid scry and more prefer to crystal gaze or however the mood strikes me. Could there be other devotional methods?

Sure. I think this model works for both the idea that kids toys can and do get haunted, which is probably fairly rare since I think kids would have a fairly low tolerance of “scary” or “hostile” spirits the same way they’re frightened of the weirdest stuff on TV, and I think this model also serves nicely to enchant something. You should be encouraging your cash box or whatever to generate winning lottery tickets, even if you’re just yelling “come on” at the TV watching pingpong balls with numbers bounce around. Try using that energy to yell at the cash box instead, if you believe it can hold a spirit. The Gentlemen for Jupiter take it one step further and put a six pointed star on it, but I think I would indicate it was for manifestation with blue and red triangles. Similarly if you say hi to your teddy bear, it might attract a friendly spirit wearing that mask. I sincerely doubt it will be a popular toy if the spirit replies “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD”. And devotional statues? If that’s how the spirit appears to you in astral, then by all means find a statue which fits your vision and understand it’s a mask for the spirit to manifest on this plane with.

Alright get out there, fire up your imaginations, and test the heck out of those spirits.