I am now convinced the last working was a test. I was riding home on the train as per my usual commute and I flashed my rail pass at the normal guy. I wasn’t really paying attention since I was catching up on blogs with my Nook when he taps me on the shoulder. I have my Pandora playing my Pink Floyd channel so I flash it again. He motions me to take my earphones off.

“It’s February.”

Crap. I never got my February railpass in the mail. Thankfully for whatever reason instead of making me a pass the guy just gave me a wink and walked away. I’ve never seen anyone do that on SEPTA let alone actually be nice about it. It was either a lucky break or someone actually cutting me a break because I’m trying to pay forward karma.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Visualizations were weak this time around. Tried to smoke skry and didn’t get anything for 15 minutes. Vibrated the name. Got nothing. Eventually I got a weird sensation down my spine, and noticed my shoulder (which was banged up from the weather today) felt a lot better. Still, I wanted to talk to my HGA. Decided to run the Lords Prayer.

Our Father, whom art in Heaven, hallowed be the name. Give unto us our daily bread, and forgive us of trespass as we forgive others of trespass. For to thee is the glory, the kingdom, the power, forever, amen.

Yes I know it’s not traditional, frankly as a magician I want to be led into temptation and I want to handle the temptation. And if I want to handle it, I can’t very well ask for his will to be done, because who is really handling it then? This is sort of middle-pillar-lite for me, and on the second repetition I literally shivered. I felt like I just walked through a glass waterfall, or surfaced from a hot pool up to a cool winter night. Sure enough, I found myself on the crystal path, with the HGA standing behind me. The sky was nondescript and grey, but this didn’t particularly bother me. The HGA wore the sun-sign on his chest, so I tested with Sun signs. The HGA was grinning like a maniac.

Also because the Angel had sun signs, I took the hint and vibrated the Tetragrammaton. Now normally the Angel shields me from the sun, but this time the sun seemed to appear far off. The sun on his chest glowed sympathetically, and the angel was restored to polished armor and nice clean wings. I looked like I lost about 40 lbs.

Alright how do you feel about internet mischief? “We don’t really care about it.” This is good. I don’t have to feel guilty this week.

What about the rail pass? “You will get the rail pass. One of your neighbors has it.” Who? No answer. When? “Tomorrow.”

This presents a dilemma, I could go down to the station tomorrow, put a new rail pass on my credit card (already weighted down with my wife only starting to pull in money) or I could trust the angel. I looked up the train office schedule as I’m typing this and it’s moot since the service desk is closed. Either someone finds it in their mail and runs it over to me or the post office delivers it to my house tomorrow. I’m along for the ride either way.

How did you feel about the goetia last night? The angel looks visibly chafe, and it’s face expresses contempt. I’ve got a feeling I had to say the Lords Prayer tonight several times over as an effort to purify myself. This might be why no magicians are jacks-of-all-trades, or perhaps it’s just a rebalancing.

OK but is this going to help my wife? An image of a Pan sort of figure, who is wearing a black robe. He’s pushing books around. It’s pretty obvious the answer is “He’s on it” but I’m not entirely sure why the spirit doesn’t seem to like the goetia.

Can I talk to Asmodeus? We descend, off the crystal platform, and we’re standing on a black glacial sort of place (obsidian?). Asmodai appears, but the Angel has him thrown to the ground. Asmodai picks himself up. He’s wearing a black robe, but I realize it’s more like a black mechanics jumper, and boots. This seriously challenges my theology, where I generally used to give the spirits of the Goetia a pass for generally being poor decision makers but otherwise helpful. The HGA is not treating the other spirit well. At the same time, if we believe the pseudohistory, this is exactly what’s supposed to happen to keep the sideshow and poor effects to a minimum.

Asmodeus, I need to learn python in a hurry, can we set that up? The spirit gives me a curtsy. In retrospect, the interaction here seems simple. In the vision it was chaotic enough I wasn’t entirely sure if this was a good thing or not. I do have to learn python in a hurry for work, and I intend on hitting the books pretty hard tomorrow. I know better than to ask the spirit for the ring, which I assume would invite the mother of all shitstorms into my life. While we’re here…

[name] can you manifest the rail pass? The HGA flies us up and away from the other spirit, and he takes a white envelope, and we fly through the moon. The moon was like a pool of water reflecting the moon. We pass through it and he hands it to me. The vision feels a bit like something is actually in my palm. I was really hoping to close my fingers and have the thing but… no such luck.

Hows my life going? “Well, you’re generally angry today and completely stressed out.” Yeah, can you help? The HGA spirit reaches into my astral self and pulls out a red, fiery version of me. He drops this over the edge of the crystal path, it burns brightly as it falls and burns out. I feel relaxed and better.

What about my relationship with others? A vision of the angel pulling a spiky red version of me out of me, which he runs his hands over and the spikes are knocked off. This red isn’t fiery, it’s the magical red of prayer and standing magical fields. The spikes fall down down down but the spirit returns the red me to me. (We discuss other things). I thank the spirit for its time.

Unfortunately my shoulder is hurting again. I’m tempted to go back upstairs for more HGA love but I think I might just take some pills and pass out too. One thing which still concerns me about this is I never seem to get the astral smell other people talk about. I’ve had it when contacting other spirits, but I don’t notice it here. I suspect it might be because of the spirit is “me, perfected, whom no man hath seen” then what incense would I burn for me? Oh, pipe tobacco, of course!