Everything that could have gone wrong yesterday – did. I was planning on making a buddys “spirit summoning” ritual, but I was having doubts about the whole HGA thing over the rail pass. The rail pass thing really pissed me off. I actually intentionally did not do magic yesterday because I was trying to ‘ignore the phone’ so to speak. However, things tend to creep along as they do and I ended up meditating on the issue anyway. I would hope to think that, similar to me getting the previous owners settlement notice in the mail, someone got my rail pass in the mail. Unlike me, whoever got the rail pass probably cashed it in. That’s fine, but this is basically a “why is there evil in the world” post? 

We could attack this problem from a thelemic perspective and say something entirely fluffy and cliché like “it enabled someone to accomplish their true will!” Oh of course. Whatever. While on one end it might actually be some sort of magical enablement, it’s still crappy for me personally. I sort of am playing with this idea, however, that it would serve some sort of greater purpose. Wage Works (the company who buys the rail passes and mails them) says I just need to submit a receipt for a new one and they’ll reimburse me. I’m starting to wonder if my unhappiness here is more of a notional concept and an ego thing rather than any actual problem. Sure it sucks I have to go to the station tomorrow and buy a new rail pass but I get my money back. Is it really that important in the grand scheme of things or is it just me bitching? I get my brain around this concept (read: talk myself into it, this is a topic of divination for tonight) and…

The main line clogged on my sewer service. The houses were originally built with septic systems, and maybe 30 years ago someone hooked this one up to the public sewer. I suspect they did a terrible job. Four years ago it clogged solid the year we bought it, and then it just did it again. At this point I’m ready to have a rage-stoke and wondering why I ever moved to the suburbs. I would love to say something like “and I banished water thirty times and…” well no I dumped an entire bottle of main line cleaner in there and it still didn’t go anywhere so I called the plumber. Note to self – come up with emergency magic.

Finally the last gap in my magic this whole debacle exposed is I have no general magical upkeep practice. Turns out for theurgy work, this is fine. I call up a spirit, I interrogate it, I make (poor) assumptions about what the spirit means, and I thank it for it’s time and in the case of the rail pass, it might have been honest answers. It really might have showed up somewhere Saturday. It really might also have showed up at the wrong house on Saturday. Or maybe the spirit was even right and was trying to tell me “you’ll get it Monday (when you go buy another one)”. Or maybe it wasn’t even the HGA and it was just a spirit looking for interaction. It still weirds me out no-one tests the HGA or similar. Maybe I should have actually told the spirit “AT MY HOUSE”. What I’m taking a stab at understanding is the manifestation process. For things which essentially aren’t tangible, it works well. My wife has a job, etc. For things like the cat peeing, this worked really well for a week, then stopped working. My wife suggested keeping some sort of altar going with candles on it to Bast, etc.

I suppose tonight it’s back on the wagon. Given the day, it’s probably appropriate to go grab Michael and find out what’s going on.