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Tonight I really wasn’t feeling it. I got my candles it and my altar setup and… my wife comes into the office/oratory and wants to sort papers on the floor. She insists this will “only be a minute”, and proceeds to sort papers until I lost half my coal in the incense thurible. Then, I opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC and she knocks on the door. I assume she wants to participate, but instead she goes over to the desk and starts rooting through for postage stamps.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I kicked her out. It’s one thing to screw up a ceremony, to have another magic user intentionally not wait until the ceremony is over is flat out insulting. Plus she knows the whole planetary timing thing, I can’t even imagine what she thought she was doing.

Where were we?

Opened (again) by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Then I read the third rite in Planetary Magic for the moon, and then did the bornless ritual. Really just wasn’t feeling anything, either from the HGA nor Luna. Finally I just looked at Bast and tried to reach out there. In typical cat form, he appeared after a short while. I detected something swimming in the crystal but never got a good look at it.

Me and Bast are sort of wandering the halls, making small talk. Small talk for a spirit is Tell me about the universe! “Unfortunately, I seem to understand it less and less”. Generally coy answers. We eventually wind our way through my subconscious (sort of an Egyptian stonework thing) and end up in the Temple of the Moon. I ask if Luna is actually going to show up, he says no. But it’s good I’m here, since at very least making contact with the realm invites it’s influence. Bast is pretending to be my cat, and hes bouncing around after some unseen thing. Finally he catches it.

“Not all mice are things. Sometimes, they’re thoughts.” He tosses the mouse to me. Being a good sport I down the mouse. It sounds terrible in writing, but thankfully my astral taste isn’t well-developed. There’s a trick here, if I trust the spirit and it offers me something, take it. I probably could have “absorbed” it, but since I suspect this is prep for something else, I just went with it. When in Rome… (Or when hanging out with Egyptian Gods on the Moon…)

So tell me – I suspect you’re a mix of Mars and Mercury? “Very perceptive. Your friends might disagree. Try calling me over the next two days – see what happens!” Hopefully he’ll be less elusive.

You’re going to help me with a problem at work? I did just eat a mouse. “Of course, but you enjoy the hunt for ideas, maybe we can catch a few things together!” Well, he certainly is friendly. 

I couldn’t think of anything to ask the spirit except to continue to do the work he’s presently doing for the cat, so I thanked him for his time.