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I’m using the Egyptian themed stuff in the back of Planetary Magick now. There’s no particular part of the book or source I’ve googled up with has really strong associations with Bast. I don’t even think that as a God, s/he was particularly well known in Egypt. People liked grains, people didn’t like mice, therefor cats are gods? Seems like a leap. Still, we know that Bast was actually a God, and worshipped like one. We also know Bast had some sort of role in life and death, but if I had just read the wikipedia page, I would have tried to hammer Bast into Luna. Instead Bast has told me he (properly, Bastet is female, but always appears to me as male) is somewhere between Mercury and Mars. This is the good stuff, this is experimental magic! This is fun!

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

At first didn’t really get anything. Sat for about 15 minutes looking into the shewstone. Finally got the impression of a figure wearing a triangle hat. Tested by signs, this figure went away. The crystal started swimming a bit and looked like I was in some underground space with writing on the ceiling. Sat around a bit longer really not getting anything and I suddenly saw what looked like a Russian Orthodox Cross standing up sideways in the sand. Like a caduceus. When I saw what Bast was holding on the wikipedia page as I wrote this post, I was encouraged. While mine was missing the ankh, it’s close enough it gets a pass from me. I opened my eyes again and stared some more at the crystal. I got the impression of a sand dune now, the sand was blowing over top of it ferociously. It was impossible to tell if it was night or day or how fast the sand was blowing. The candle had a door in it, bright and shining like the sun. I closed my eyes again.

Bast was here now, but instead of being a small cat like Tricks, he’s actually a person like anyone in costume at an OTO event. He looks like Happy Cat with a nemyss.

I tested him by signs of Mercury, which he tested well for. He was extremely chatty today, and my observation after the ritual ended is that I picked up on a lot of that chatty energy. “I am the independent thinker. While he (Thoth) might be the doer, and the planner, and the scribe, I am the flash of flame of inspiration! I am the independent worker and the patron god of those with too little oversight.”

Amusingly, the spirit has a real good sense of humor. When asked about the particular development team I’ve been “attached” to at work, his answer to “what is their problem” is “TOO MUCH BAST”. I laughed hard enough I dropped out of meditation. And it’s true. Sadly.

He also left me with some predictions, which I will have to update later:

  • “The broken zone at work is because the hypervisor is having hardware problems which are being incorrectly identified by the current firmware.” This is weirdly specific enough that it’s worth a look. Yes, I’m talking to a cat wearing a nemyss about VMWare problems and he’s more helpful than their own support.
  • “The broken zone at work has to stay down all this week. If you bring it back up, you will get called about it every night.” (Filed under ‘patently obvious’ – this isn’t a prediction, this should be common sense).
  • “The problems on [the new website] are due to security changes in [your providers configuration]”. Again, weirdly specific enough it warrants checking out.

I don’t want to ask Bast to be a patron god per se since I would really like to get the HGA thing rolling again but I was extremely impressed and happy at the mode of contact and the appearance of this particular God. A lot of the developers and technical guys hang out with Mercury or Thoth as patron Gods, so I would encourage them to try to get ahold of Bast and see what they think. I will definitely be visiting next week on Monday to see what I can shake out.