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It was an absolutely wild ride tonight. I hope my wife actually chooses to post.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Called on Poseidon, Jupiter, Hera, and Bast. Poseidon showed up late, Jupiter showed up before we were done the reading. Normally this sort of thing is only reserved for Enochian entities and Goetic familiar spirits. Tonight Jupiter showed up with a literal rushing of force. Also a consideration, I did not get any significant contact from Bast or Hera. I simply think it’s the wrong night. Why is this important? If we get a message from a spirit that “my day is X”, we have to honor it. I admit I went out of my way to evoke Bast on “the wrong day” just to see what would happen. He didn’t show up. However, my cat is actually loving me up right now.

Got into the meditative state, and realized Jupiter was there quickly. I just barely got the message he was pleased with the statue we scraped up the dollars for when my wife wanted to call Poseidon. This is legit according to Thelemapedia, but if I had known we were going to call him, I would have probably done four invoking pentagrams of water rather than my normal LRP. Magic is much better when we just pick one God to work with.

Anyway, got Poseidon’s attention when we heard a serious bang downstairs. More than a Goetic magic sort of bang, this was serious business. This impressed me enough I thought someone had tried to kick in our door. Being a self respecting magician, in the middle of magical ritual, I apologized profusely to the spirits before leaving. I feel bad when I do it. More on the point my wife had invited ancestral spirits to stay since she was concerned all the magic had blown them out of the building. I proceeded down the stairs and investigated each room, each window, and each door. Nothing was amiss. Finally we realized one of the child gates had been kicked down. Her opinion was that it was the cat. If the child gate is good against a three year old boy, it’s good against a cat. It wasn’t the cat. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Now for some backstory I don’t think I’ve shared on the blog. The basement of this house is creepy as fuck. There’s a main basement, half of which I use as a clean workshop (no woodworking) and half of which is her stuff. In my workshop I have all my normal man stuff (weight bench, ski machine, etc) and the other half is my machine bench. Her half is all the stuff in bins, seasonal stuff, etc. Then there’s the crawlspace. When we moved in, the cat’s toys would end up in the far end of the crawlspace, and I periodically had to actually go in there to pull them out. When we would have people over, they would usually indicate the crawlspace felt “uneasy”. Friends with the gift of sight would say there’s a male presence in the basement and it was trying to get up through the pipes. Now, combined with the recent sewage problems, and the fact that something just kicked over our child gate on the first floor, I decided it was time to go thermonuclear.

I would have taken a page from Defensive Occultism, but I have no idea where my copy got off to. If you’re having spiritual problems you can’t seem to solve, pick that book up. The author is a cool guy to boot. On the other hand, I did at one point have the entire Lesser Key memorized. I asked the Gods present to consecrate some sage, which I stole from my wife, and I used their candle (blue in a blue holder) to light it. I walked it around each kids room, the guest room, our room, and then went downstairs and visited each room and closet there too. Finally the basement. The basement had a bizarre flow where the spiritual tug seemed to go towards the crawlspace. Having previously blessed some salt water, I started throwing that around and painted it around the crawl space opening. Finally I threw lit sage into the crawlspace while threatening to use the chain. My wife has a lenormand tarot deck, and the chain and the snake came up several times for advice from the Gods. I grabbed it if only because there was no chance in hell I was going to meditate, because even master magicians like myself sometimes shit our robes. OK, I’m not actually a master magician, nor wearing a robe. The omission is intentional.

Anyway, the mood lightened in the basement, and the cat is once again hanging out on the bed. While I think we learned a good lesson for tonight about Bast (Thursday is his worst day?), I also think it was generally productive in terms of spiritual cleansing. If the spirit in the crawlspace persists, I plan on actually crawling into it with my rune set and getting the name and sigil of the spirit, and then going full Solomonic on it. While I haven’t actually used the greater curse on any spirit at all, I’m absolutely convinced of its effectiveness. I don’t need my kids playing in our own waste, nor do I particularly appreciate the spirit kicking down the gates.