Written in response to this post

That sound was something loud crashing down. It freaked everybody out. Even the cat was all poofy-tailed and freaked.

I talked to Poseidon and I got that old bay crab smell in the room. I asked him to show me something he governs and I was shown crab boats, sonar, and ship navigation (computerized). For his temple I saw a cavern complete with pond and waterfall. The altar had shells, fish, seaweed, and parts of a ship, and an old gold bell. For Zeus I saw a temple with no roof. It was all open with a bright blue sky, white puffy clouds, and some eagles soaring past us. I asked for better communication with birds, and to make contact with Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Crows in mu backyard. He agreed.
I met Hera and asked for a marriage blessing. When I asked to see her temple I saw lots of blues, greens, and purples. There were pillows on the floor and peacocks adorning the space. Lots of gold and peacocks. Tapestries and curtains all in those colors. She had on golden sandals and a white dress. Brown hair pulled up with curls and a crown. Her temple was comfortable and all about style and pleasure.

Bast had a stone temple that was very dark. Fires were lit to illuminate the ancient temple. Lots of cats roaming the temple. Asked for better communication with my cat.

I had also sent out Ares to go find the spirit causing all the trouble and go fuck his day up. I knew Ares wanted some fun so I said go have some fun and chase this spirit out of the house and fuck him up. Let’s see what happens….