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Part 1

Nice two parter post here, not by choice. My wife wanted to use the second hour of the sun in the day which is around 1pm here. Unfortunately neither kid wanted to nap, so I ended up just sort of winging it while listening to the TV in the background.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Took about 15 minutes to get into the right mode. Kids kept making enough noise it wasn’t particularly easy to get there. At first the temple of the sun was sort of dimly seen. None of the usual fire or flare. I vibrated Michael a few times and a spirit wearing a white robe with the solar sign on its chest was produced. The wings were incredible, and looked like gold. This spirit tested well by sign.

Take me to the solar city!

We sort of flew over something at 10,000 ft. I suspect this was the solar city, and in retrospect, I was thinking it might actually be under and around the temple of the sun. It looked like a city made of fire. However, I wasn’t in the city, just flying over it. Something like a merkaba was hanging out with us.

Take me to the solar city?

A vision of the angel in the woodstove, as though the woodstove was the size of the house. The angel was in there, hanging out. He motioned for me to follow, so I stepped in. The interior of the woodstove was hot (naturally), but the interior walls had jewels set into the interior walls. I sort of get the impression I was supposed to study or realize something here, but my kids sounded like they started playing baseball in the house. After this settled down, I walked through the vision again up to that point while vibrating the name of Michael.

Got back to the woodstove, and tried to penetrate the city, I was sort of gliding along it like some unseen sphere was preventing me from actually approaching it. It was as though it was in a bubble or a glassine ball. I figured maybe I was supposed to look into the crystal, so I peeked into the stone. Didn’t really see anything. I attempted to will myself into the city and didn’t get any closer. Finally I said “what the heck” and tried to will myself into the merkaba. It seemed to rise up and away from the city and towards the stars. Guess that one wasn’t interested in hanging out either.

Part 2

Almost missed the hour, but since I firmly believe the hour persists when the temple is “open”, I got the temple open with 15 minutes to spare.

My wife wanted to know how to stone scry, so I walked her through it while she sat in the chair. The chair is nothing more than the most comfy chair we can find at Office Depot. While Crowley would probably disapprove, I’m a firm believer in the idea that forgetting your body is the key to astral success. You can’t do it if you’re in your 30s and your asana ends in sounding like a bag of marbles being rolled around.

I opted to old school scry, since she took the chair. I assumed the mountain pose and stared into the pool of candle wax in the candle so the flame itself “swam”. After about 15 minutes I got the angel, so I sat down on the floor.

Michael appeared in his usual form (typically fiery). Someone mailed me to tell me Raphael is the sun, and all I have to say is the Angels switch hit. Michael is my Angel of the Sun. Yours might be Raphael. If your sun answers by a different name, use it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, grab a Catholic Bible with the Book of Tolbit. That being said we didn’t appear in the temple of the sun, which is actually a pretty open structure. Instead we appeared in the tall tower room with the stained glass windows and columns.

Let me into the city of the sun.

Again, we’re flying over it. I get a vision that yes, it really is at the base of the temple of the sun. However, we’re not there, we appear back in the large octagonal room.

Why can’t I enter the city of the sun? “You can enter.” This is my leave favorite part of magic, the spirits can and will oftentimes be evasive.

Michael, please admit me into the city of the sun. I see a key appear, and I am to wear it like a lamen. (Note to self – necklace is now a key, or put a key on my necklace). Not only do I accept the key into my heart, but I see an old wooden door. I use the golden key on the old iron door, but the door is stuck fast. I get the impression I am supposed to call on each of the planetary spirits, so I do. Once I have gone over the list three times, the door pulls open with a great force.

I am treated to a vision of horror. Not only is the other side of the door hot like a fire, but as we’re walking around the city I see so many burnt husks of people. I almost think this is a hattip to some near future nuclear event in the Middle East. It’s absolute the opposite of what I expected. It looks even worse than Saturn, I detect some of them are weirdly alive although they’re missing the normal spark of the soul people have. Michael is here.

What… the… hell. “These are the people who have gone into the city of the sun without preparation.” I get the impression I’m supposed to call in my HGA. My HGA appears/I assume it’s form and the city transforms itself into an oasis. The sun, the giant nuclear fireball within arms reach of the rooftops, is gone.

This is a really interesting problem, if the sun is the godhead then my HGA protects me from the godhead. However the godhead not being here is what lets this place exist. When we stand in the presence of the godhead there is no room for anything but the glory of God. Everything else is consumed, our works of mortal hands brought to ruin, our mortal coils are discarded. The people who can’t deal with it live on in some decrepit experience, their existence doesn’t seem to be a lake forever and ever but rather some constant state of purgatory in some fiery place. The vision is strikingly different from Saturn. I suspect the people who hold onto material things are allowed to in their afterlife, only to watch them burn and decay as all things do. Then they can pass onto Saturn at some point and ride around in the lake of mercury until the get over that. This will be a really interesting question for Saturn next week if I don’t totally blow it again.

I don’t want to hide from the godhead. I had previously mentioned to Fireborn that I felt like all of the goetic work and the planetary work tended towards lateral spiritual movement, I wanted vertical spiritual movement. Fortunately if you’re working with the tree, you have many options for this. Mostly it all boils down to pathworking, but while the goetia are seriously low spirits for dealing with temptation, the planetary spirits are the “lights around the throne of God”. Well, lets stoke them up already. Having found newfound sight in the city, and seeing the spiritual beauty of the oasis, I decided to take a quick trip and try to ask for some healing for various people. I went through the list, then I got an idea.

Lets heal… me! At this point my asana was killing me, but, I saw my body on the floor holding the yoga posture. I mentally took my powers of healing (literally flaming hot bronze hands) and laid them on myself. Weirdly enough I got a chill like someone walked across my grave and enough of a shudder to disrupt the vision for just a minute. It was bizarre. As I’m typing this though, my lower back and spine (where I have the most problems) feel really good and I haven’t been able to pop my joints. However, this is all well and good I requested healing but….

[HGA], I want to see the godhead. I banished the HGA form. The result was something like pouring hot honey on my head. I peeled something off me from the top down, as though I was a banana. I realized quickly I was leaving an astral body behind on whatever plane we were in, and my astral sight was blotted out by how bright the sun was. I peeled down the layers like a banana and approached the sun. The vision ended.