Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Moved the evocation of the archangels from the very end to right before the last KC.

Took the hint from the last working that I was supposed to seek out the angels in a jeweled place with fire and grabbed my natural quartz stone and put that in the triangle with the candle directly behind it. This feels weird, but the crystal sometimes caught the light just right and looked like a field of stars. Othertimes it looked like the cloud of occlusion was organizing itself somehow and something wanted to appear. I didn’t get the face I normally do in the crystal ball. After 20 minutes (or a really long time) of scrying I was going to call it quits when I just decided to grab the crystal and close my eyes.

Spirit vision was… strange. The archangels appeared below me supporting the crystal floor. I was on the crystal floor. We were high up somewhere, clouds below me, clouds above me, sort of generically grey and overcast. Not much was going on. I vibrate Michael and this doesn’t produce much except a ‘nope’ sensation. I vibrate the HGA name and suddenly there’s this falcon. He’s flying all around, making passes, not threateningly but like he wants to land with me but doesn’t have a place. I’m trying to reach out and get ahold of the thing but it never comes close enough. I try holding out an arm, it doesn’t want it. I finally get frustrated and vibrate the tetragrammaton. The world brightens a bit, but this really is only testing by signs (LVX – Saturn and Sol) at this point. Finally, confused, I call out to Michael and say I don’t know what I’m supposed to do and I’m a bit lost here.

The mountain rises up, and we’re above another set of clouds. I realize I see the Archangels as giant Mount Rushmore statues because I’m flying and I can observe the mountain from a distance. Then I realize I’ve become the falcon. I honestly have no idea whatsoever why I need to call Michael to get into my HGA mode, but I do. I’m cruising and making laps of the mountain, and I get a vision first of the crystal, then an egg sort of shape. I enter it.

I’m taken to the city of the sun, which is in its garden mode. This is correct, since I’m in my HGA sort of mode. I banish the HGA or ‘let go’ of it, and the falcon flies ‘out’ and lands on a nearby rooftop. I see we’re now in hot as heck land near the sun. Looking at that, I enter the sun. Again, I am treated to light so bright it becomes darkness. As my spiritual eyes adjust, I see something geometric. It is a path, but paradoxically it is another tree of life. I realize I am to call each spirit. I call each planet and try to receive a name of an angel but everything is squiggles.

Venus – Marriage. While Venus in its raw form is lust, this venus is the blending of the spirits of two partners in marriage.

Luna – Cooling off to see things how they are. A magnifying glass. The moon is transparent and it shows me a speck of dust. As it moves in front of it, it becomes a flaming but distant star. A telescope.

Mercury – Tactfully choosing words, delivering a message softly and with humility.

Jupiter – a man makes so much money he gives it to charity and he doesn’t care how the charity uses it.

Mars – A man refuses to fight because he abhors violence.

Saturn – A change in perspective. A tree which is cut down, but another is planted so it grows fruit. The clearing of fields of grass and woods so food might grow. Central park in New York living in harmony with the city.

I’m not sure what the particular vision means – I’m not in some sort of negative veils, but instead of the normal sets of planets, I see the same theme here but it’s the planets as though buttressed against themselves. Notice that it didn’t occur to me to see the Sun again, I missed it. There was also no dialog. No spirits to ask for interpretation, just sort of presentation of each theme and then it went away.