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This is an excerpt from a series of emails I exchanged with a guy in the UK. Their economy is worse than ours, if you can believe it, and ours is rapidly following all their bad examples. I tried to walk him through ritual-magic-by-mail. He’s from Bangalore and I wasn’t sure how religious he was. I’ve tweaked my rituals since I wrote this maybe a year ago but I know the readers love HOWTO posts.

Fortunately for you, it sounds like this is straight up business problems and the governor of business is Jupiter. Also fortunately for you, Jupiter is the god of education. So it sounds like you have a problem with Jupiter overall. Is Jupiter doing something funky in your astrological chart?

For all instances of jupiter here, it’s far better you pick a godform you’re comfortable with. I am a huge fan of the idea that we gave names to forces long ago and we just call them different things. If Jupiter has a nice correspondence in Hinduism, use that instead. It’s really important the name resonates with you. That being said, you should know the color of jupiter, a glyph of jupiter, incense or perfume of jupiter, and the hour of jupiter. Make a chart like so:

Traditional attributions:
Godform: Jupiter
Color: Blue
Perfume/Incense: Sweet, Camphor, Aloe, Pennyroyal
Taste: Pennyroyal tea
Metal: Tin
Inline image 1
Shape: Square
Hour: Calculated – http://www.lunarium.co.uk/planets/hours.jsp
Day: Thursday

The normal goto here is Liber 777. At one point, Crowley worked out all the charts and tables and you can read his stuff in handy PDF format. He was aware of the Hindu pantheon and he tried to make it line up.

We know at very least the when – Thursday, and the hour of your work (when you want to maximize the magic). Google planetary hours if you want to pick a date or just look it up via that URL when you get up in the morning. If you want to get really crazy with the cheez wiz, luna (the moon) should be waxing. Since it’s coming full now, you’re in a good spot to do it. The rule of thumb is the moon rules the cycles of change – a waxing moon increases wealth, a waning moon banishes debt.

Ritual supplies:

* Several copies of your resume or application and envelopes to put them in. Don’t worry about addressing the envelopes.
* Blue candle (hard mode: square shaped blue candle – use a razor), scribe the glyph on it with a toothpick.
* Pennyroyal (mint) tea
* Minty oil (baking isle)
* Bit of tin, cut into a square – write the glyph on it in blue sharpie. The tin should have a lid. Altoids tins are great because they contain mints and they’re already square-ish and you can put things in them without looking like a loon.
* Incense which is sweet per the scents above
* Blue Pen
* White bag to put the candle in, envelopes in. Try to make it more special than a grocery bag.
* Incense holder for two or more sticks.
* a shot of mohito (mint themed liquor).

Mental Prep Work:
LEARN TO MEDITATE. Almost all the western magic books have some form of meditation they stole from yoga. In order to create things in our minds, we have to clear them first. I used to try to clear my mind with breathing and posture and all the rest of it, I’ve come to realize having a cigar gets me there. Not only do I think about my breathing when smoking but the tobacco puts me in the right spot. When your brain is clear and your thoughts are sharp but focused on the topic, you’re there.

Learn empowerment:
Learn the Kabbalistic Cross: http://www.osogd.org/library/study/neophyte.html (appendix D) The KC is better because it sets you up to learn more western ceremonial magic. It is not very good for picking a different pantheon. Use the IAO for that. You probably want the IAO.
Learn the IAO:
1) Vibrate I and imagine a two dimension column of light extending from the top of your head up to space, down through your body, out your feet and forever downward.
2) Vibrate A and imagine a light extending across your chest, out through your arms, and forever outward.
3) Vibrate O and receive the power of the universe through these beams of light as a point over your heart.

To vibrate is to verbally hit the syllable and visualize strongly until you feel the force. It’s a bit of a mental trick, but it’s a good one.

Ritual itself:
Kick your wife out. No offense but the last thing you want to do is think you look stupid. This is where the shoes joke comes into play – part of magic is building up your mental confidence, part of magic is actually presenting you with the opportunity. You want the ritual to mentally feel confident you can and will get a job. You need magic to present you with the chance to get the job.

(After you get the job I’ll play mind games with you and it’ll get really weird. Get the job first).

Create a sacred space:
Get table and put all your materials on it. Throw all the rest of the crap in another room. Light your jupiter-themed incense and walk clockwise around the room to make a circle. Declare: “All unhelpful spirits, leave this place”. You’re kicking them out, you’re letting them know when you say this you won’t hear them or perceive them. Let the incense continue to burn somewhere safe. These unhelpful spirits include thoughts – you’re no longer thinking about bad luck, you’re thinking about getting a decent job. Banish them and be sure.

Empower (connect) yourself:
Do the IAO or the KC. Do it as many times as needed until you’re sure you’re connected to the universe. I don’t know how to describe it except that when you’re doing it right you can easily imagine the lines and feel the vibrations. While it sounds new agey, you’re setting your brain up to accept the influences of the godform. (See Kraigs explanation of the “middle pillar”). Do this five times or so and when you’re sure you’re connected, proceed. Look at the glyph and ask Jupiter to provide you with an opportunity. Be eloquent. Typically I give a timeframe for action (usually 1 lunar month) and what I will offer (homebrew) for success.

Invoke the godform:
Drink the pennyroyal tea, it should be sweet. Look at images of money. Look at corporate logos and enjoy the idea of commerce. Concentrate on all things which might amuse Jupiter. Smell the incense. If you’re offering up mint liquor, bless it in the name of jupiter and consume it. You are, quite literally, becoming jupiter. Become convinced of this. Eat some mints.

Now that you’re jupiter, bless the glyph and tin with something like “I, Jupiter, bless this tin into my service”. Bless the candle. Its now YOUR candle. If you have minty oil, annoint the candle and the tin. Light the candle. The glyph is pleasing to you. The tin is attractive with how it’s made. The color of the candle is pleasing to you. The flame continues to empower the energy in you. The moon is waxing, increasing the general energy, the day and hour are correct. Wave the tin through the incense and decree it is pleasing tojupiter. Wave it through the candle flame to empower it.

Take your resumes, inspect the resume. As Jupiter, you approve of the resume. To approve of the resume take your pen in your color and write your glyph somewhere inconspicuous on the resume. Literally, a stamp of approval. Stuff the envelope and put it in the bag.

Blow out the candle. Tuck the tin into the bag. Tuck the envelopes in the bag. Tuck the candle in the bag ONCE ITS COOL.

Divestment of the godform:
Do the IAO again, but this time instead of the universe coming to you, you’re letting jupiter back into the universe. (“License to depart”).

Close the temple:
Run the circle again anticlockwise and realize that things are normal again. Go watch TV and beat off to pictures of horses or whatever you do on a normal night. Drink the rest of that mohito. Go to the bar.

What has this accomplished?
You’ve made a gris-gris bag. The bag contains blessed resumes, a blessed candle, and a blessed tin. Light the candle when applying for jobs, the candle represents the power of jupiter and it lends it energy to the application. When you get a call to come in for an interview, bring the blessed resumes. Put the blessed tin in your pocket. Eat some mints from the tin in the interview. Anything unused goes back in the bag. Offer the people interviewing you some mints to literally get them on the same page by sharing the zeitgeist.


The shoes joke – when discussing what magic did well and what it didn’t do well, he mentioned he stubbed his toe. I told him I would sell him a consecrated pair of shoes at an extremely reasonable rate and I would promise him that if he wore them, he would stub his toe a lot less.