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Normally this entry would be right for Sol or Michael or the HGA but tonight my wife put a lot of questions to me so I decided a night devoted to divination would be better.

I normally use runes, but while the runes are awesomely pedantic  that’s both their best and worst qualities. They give you straight answers. In fact their first answer is always an acknowledgement of the present situation in a good reading, then things sort of go along from there. For whatever reason I’ve been getting away from runes and started to really like using the Thoth deck. Call it the OTO current or whatever you will (Crowley being the first libertarian), but the Thoth deck is becoming my goto instead of the runes. The book from LMD is nice, but honestly like the runes I’ve come up with my own ideas about how things work. Sorry Lon, you’re a cool guy, but I have my own ideas.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Sort of winged it, my wife wanted to call up Hekate, so I went with HE-KAH-TEH with one breath silent in there. It worked, although I very much prefer fourfold names. I got what I can only describe as guidance from… something. At first it was a blank stone, then I got the idea we needed more ‘stuff’ on the altar to get the spiritual contact. After some talking with my wife I got the image of the silvered cup she keeps for wicca-stuff, so I grabbed that. Then I got the idea it needed to be in the triangle since it’s the normal vessel of the spirit. I placed it in the triangle. That didn’t seem right and produced ‘weird vibrations’, so I moved the crystal ball very gingerly to the top of the goblet where it rested quite nicely. Weirdly nicely. Really nicely. A figure in a black robe appeared in the crystal. The figure was holding a ‘rood’ (I was given a word, but staff for us modern types) and it had a crystal in the top by itself which was glowing faintly. There was distinctly a separate light from the candle in the crystal.

I wanted my wife to try to meditate because I’m trying to get her up to speed. She couldn’t really scry, so I did it for her for a bit. However, she was doing really well and getting the same impressions I was, but she didn’t have the same training I did so while her impressions lined up extremely well, she didn’t quite have the know-how to apply them. Point being, we took notes and compared them and we’re on the same page. There’s an argument here for “Oh you two live together, of course you’re on the same page”. I don’t want to short change it – if two people do the same thing and produce similar results, it’s within the realm of science.

That being said, my process for asking questions is each new question gets a shuffle of the tarot deck until it doesn’t want to shuffle anymore. Similar to the numbers trick, when it gets ‘stuck’, then it’s time to read. I have two spreads I like, one is a cross (one card in the middle, one card each for the points) and it tells me what’s going on immediately and then the next three cards are future influence, or I use a three card spread. If we want more information, we draw more cards, but my wife and I understand this moves from the immediate future to the far future.

Previous visions of the future have been marginal. The predictions with Bast turned out extremely well and were spot on. Predictions involving the rail pass have been a total write off and turned out true – just the exact opposite how I interpreted them. We could call this magical failure and chalk it up to the magician, and it wouldn’t be so bad since I wholly admit there’s much better magicians than I. I could also write it off as the spirits didn’t tell me enough. I’m in the first camp.

Anyway, predictions for this time around:

  • C gets paired with my wife for priest and priestess. Fortunately the coven doesn’t do physical sex magic so he’ll probably live through the experience. 
  • C gets married and she basically ends his magical career in this coven.
  • M wants to hive off, something we’re not privvy to prevents her from doing so. She has decided to stump the coven so it can’t take on new people.
  • I have absolutely no insight into M’s life. She’s so far off the reservation I hit a place of falling forever when I try to scry her.

On a totally unrelated note – Bought Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Tyson’s Black Brick) and will be starting on that shortly. At 1060 pages, I will end up taking a year off from blogging to understand it.

Just kidding.