I felt like I had to call up my HGA tonight. After the bizarre morning experience, I felt like something was trying to get my attention.

Now, a weird bit of synchronicity, or “magic at work”, I was talking about treasure spirits to Franz at work today. I come home to find out that we overpaid the oil bill and we have a $1700 credit. To make it weirder, we got three checks from the hospital for overpaying that too. We ended up +$2000 dollars for very little effort. To sweeten the pot, a stock bonus came in because I busted my ass at work. If that pays out (not sure how long it’s vested for), I coud be up for another several thousand dollars.

I thanked the Angels profusely.

I have a Jupiter kamea I have been leaving my wallet on, I plan on continuing the practice.

Other stuff I’ve learned: The HGA was trying to get my attention to talk about my spiritual settings and choices I’m making. This isn’t really a good blog post.

The Tetragrammaton calls up tons of auxiliary spirits, these are emanations of creation. Don’t call the Tetragrammaton if you want a quiet evocation. 😉

Frankincense is apparently a good cure-all for me. I’ve been instructed to try consuming it. This is a really bad idea and I need to research this idea in real life. All I asked was my joints sucked less and I’ve been told to chug the stuff like so much popcorn. I think this might be me misunderstanding something in the visionary state.

I really need to brush up on my Levi.

The HGA wants to hang out as a falcon when I am not the HGA. Michael likes to hang out also. Not sure why, but whatever, he seems to be the spirit my HGA projects onto when my HGA isn’t projecting onto me.

Putting things in the triangle helps/hurts spiritual contact. Putting my gold wedding ring in the triangle got me in touch with the HGA with very little effort tonight.