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The day was Jupiter but it was in the hour of the Sun. Which set of colors do I use? Do I use yellow for the Sun or shall I use purple for Jupiter? I ended up settling on yellow while using the invocation of Jupiter. This I think turned out to be a poor choice because I never saw any spirit in the crystal nor did I see any other spirit activity. The room took on a strange chill, but other than that I didn’t have any particular visions. I tried vibrating the name of Michael and my Holy Guardian Angel, but this did not produce any meaningful contact. When I finally did get a spirit, it did not test well by signs. I was in my temple which I realize is in the air and I asked the spirit to take me to the realm of Jupiter. Instead of taking me to the realm of Jupiter, we got half way there and we got stuck. I tested the Spirit by signs and the vision faded.

Given that this was the day of Jupiter but the hour of the Sun, I probably should but the altar in purple.

I still have the candles lit in front of the Jupiter statue in the bedroom.