Took a bit of time off to get my brain back in magical gear.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

At first got nothing.

In fact, I got nothing for a good 20 minutes. Screwed around with the candles quite a bit, finally just decided to blow them out.

Eventually I started to slowly get into the groove. My wife likes to use greek godnames, I can’t get anywhere with it. I hazarded a peek at my notes to confirm the name, and vibrated that instead. Eventually I saw a door with the sun sign on it, which tested well by sun signs (gee…) and I went into it. Inside the new realm I was greeted not by angels, or greek gods, but Enochian sorts of imagry. I’m not talking biblical stuff, I mean for me the Enochian angels tend to be represented as giant, huge tornados of power. This one was purple. I tested it by signs and it not only grew bigger, but there was the landscape around it which was the “bowl” of the sun temple space.

Eventually it resolves to other things – a ring of power orbits the angel and I see a mask, some armor, the parts of the statue, etc floating around. I eventually figured out I was being shown “time to put down the imaginary toys”. We’ll see if that keeps up.

Also I was shown the house per some of my wifes questions. It has a gauzy white sphere around it. Which I took to mean some sort of divine protection. Normally I see magic as red stuff, either smooth or thorny and it usually gives me clues about how it works from its shape. Magical links of groups is golden. The white is a new one to me but I suspect it’s Angelic. I tried to query more and I got nothing. The angel wasn’t particularly talkative but glad to show me around.

Other sort of interesting visionary notes – my wife is still on this Greek Ancestry kick and keeps asking the Angels for more information on the family (she’s sort of Greek or something). When she asked for where they came from, I got a map of Greece. Fair enough. When she asked what they did, I was watching people build a ship. However my spirit vision was particularly crappy tonight and I couldn’t see them building a whole ship, so I watched them build small part of a ship which frustrated me a bit. While the detail work is interesting, it was a good 15 minutes of scrying watching people work on… something before I figured out it was supposed to be a boat. It’s a neat idea though, someone builds the hull and then detail workers come in to finish it out.

No great revelations, but the astral tourism sure is fun.