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I was reading the latest Rune Soup, trying to figure out what practical (read: public) magic would be interesting to try. I think I should try fasting for the sake of getting in better shape, and also as ceremonial preparation. Being a go for the gold sort of fellow, fasting for a period will make fasting for three days a lot easier. However since it’s probably not terribly interesting for the readers to publish “MAGICAL ACT: DIDN’T EAT” for 30 days straight, something else is needed. I really thought the price of silver aside in there was neat. The UFO stuff less so, but it’s entertaining. Why would little green men not fixed in spacetime need a silver craft? It doesn’t really pass the common sense test. Try writing that with a straight face on a magic blog.

Of course, we’re well past the korean and vietnam wars, so the price of metals isn’t really subject to speculation. Gold is on the up and up, so that’s not going to be a terribly interesting thing to invest in. Also for all practical purposes, most of us can’t afford an ounce of gold. I know if I could, I should be putting that money into existing debts. What’s left? Stocks, I suppose.

Now, Amazon really pissed me off recently. For people who haven’t read the rant – the kindle version of a lot of the occult bookshelf classics (Agrippa) is the same version on esoteric texts. It’s not the tyson version even though it purports to be so. Not cool amazon. This got me thinking that Barnes and Noble could probably use some speculation. I’m really happy with the nook, for instance, but that’s only because I’m an engineer in real life so hardware I can gut and reload the software on is strangely appealing to me. The stock itself for the company hovers around $16, it’s not out of reach for practical application. More on the point, it jumps $1 periodically, so buying 10 shares should cover trade costs at many brokerages.

WARNING: I’m not a stockologist. I’m probably the least qualified person to ask about investing. I don’t even pretend to understand market forces and think most companies and governments are dishonest – so I won’t even take my own advice. You shouldn’t either. 

Right? Right. So in my mind, the trick is to pick at least two different objects. They should be as far apart as they possibly can be. One should be round, the other should have corners. One is light, the other is heavy. One is filled, the other has water and air inside. One should be orange, and the other purple, or similar opposite colors. Really in my mind this should be a cube of wood painted a specific color and a flower vase or similar the opposite color. Trance out and then mentally vibrate a day (or planet) and then see which object comes. The vase would indicate a day the stock closes above opening, the block should indicate a day the stock closes below it’s opening.

For the first week, starting monday, it will not be a blind test. I’m going to see what the stock did yesterday and then carry around the item all day. Then, at the end of the week, I’m going to try to see if I can predict the coming week with the items. Now to find a vase…