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Yeah there was nothing there tonight. I grabbed the LKoStK and a consecrated candle. My wife didn’t really want to go in, so I grabbed the Ouija board and the sage. Threw some really good KC, LBRP, LBRH, KC and jumped in.

The crawl space was dead. Sat around for a good 15 minutes trying to draw a spirit in, had my hands on the planchette, off the planchette, moved the candle onto the board, off the board, invited the spirit to touch the candle, got nothing.

Normally the crawl space has a bit of a draft, didn’t have that either.

In the license to depart, I took out everything about being an obedient spirit and forbid the spirit from being on the property. I don’t really care where he goes, but I don’t want him/her/it here. Still, it was really quiet in the crawl space. Left sage and the consecrated candle burning in there. The sage was lit off the candle, thus linking them magically. I don’t forsee any problems in the crawlspace, I think when we did the last banishing and sealing we probably took care of it.

EDIT – my wife took some pictures. I have no idea…. The bottom right is the candle in the holder, and the sage in it’s own little shell.


Edit edit: The mysterious thing is the bottom of the hanging lamp. Nothing paranormal here folks.