JWMT has a great article on the Kybalon.

One of the unfortunate parts of a lot of occultism is a claim of antiquity, which I think really short changes the inner light of a person and their accomplishments.

I’ve been rolling around last nights evocation in my head and I think it would be profitable to do several projects from here:

Try an evocation of Michael of Sol with the altar setup with all the cloths. This is a hat-tip to Enochian magic where the altar was covered in red, white, green, and black cloths per the vision of the watchtowers. We know that this was the spirits representing the perfection and conquest of the elements. We also know the elements were supposed to be co-mingled and I have a sneaking suspicion the tablets are supposed to be overlaid. Without going too deeply down the Enochian rabbit hole, it would seem to me that throwing all the colors on the altar with the top in the color of the day would represent the restoration of the throne of God. In astrology, for instance, we don’t just write off the influence of the other planets and focus on one. Previously I’d be putting only the appropriate color on the altar and having decent visions. What would happen if we stacked up the altar cloths?

Ask Luna for stock tips. Since the stock thing crashed and burned utterly and I broke the rule and tried to prognosticate outside of the circle, and I didn’t ask a spirit for help, it’s really likely the trainwreck I caused was because I can’t follow my own rules for ritual. Since stocks aren’t really elemental, and they’re certainly illusionary being representative of something which doesn’t have any physical form, Luna is the obvious goto. Luna is also the spirit I have the least developed relationship with, so it would be a good task to jump in and figure out how she wants to work.

Attempt astrology that doesn’t suck. I still suck at astrology and I haven’t read anything which would make me better at it. Agrippa implies that not only do we have to do traditional astrological observations but in Book 2 Chapter 52, he goes out of his way to give us the constellations and fixed stars as a giant list. Chapter 53 has more on astrology and there’s a synthetic chart in the Tyson book (because Tyson kicks ass and charts everything) which gives us the possible conjugations of the planets and the sun. The takeaway? We should be doing as much astrology as possible by using as many objects in the sky as we can. Not really sure what to do with something like MIR, but it might provide fortunate times for vodka or something.