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Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Had serious trouble getting the spirit. This was probably because the hour was late and the kids had managed to keep me up way past their bedtime. No-one wanted to go to sleep.

Nothing was testing well by signs. I saw several spirits, I saw something which was trying to pretend to be a spirit, and all of them faded when I threw signs at them. It wasn’t productive. I had been using the greek name of the spirit and it didn’t seem to be producing the results I wanted. I tried even adding tobacco to the incense, and it wasn’t really luring anything except the wrong things in.

Finally in my wizard vision I saw I was on a high ledge. Nothing was particularly familiar, I just happened to be standing above a huge abyss. The vision didn’t produce any spirits. I was vaguely aware the soil below my feet was purple, which was a good sign. I hung out there and was also sort of aware of a wind. I wasn’t really sure what the wind was. I tried to force a vision of the spirit as a whirlwind but it faded when I threw signs to test. The entire vision faded.

I was in a place covered in snow. Absolutely nothing was around, except snow and wind. I vaguely got the idea of a cave and some downed trees which would have provided shelter if I were outside. The vision faded.

I found myself in a temple, similar to Angkor Wat. It was overgrown and old. Swollen tree roots push their way into each crevasse in the rock. I wasn’t really sure what to do here as there were no spirits. As I wandered around the stone ruins I came to realize there were gold coins stuck in the walls. They were firmly anchored, and I did not attempt to remove them after being rebuffed. Some had a plus sort of sign on them, others had a square in the middle. They had some sort of filigree on them but given the generally crappy nature of the vision, I’m not sure. Again, I didn’t run into any spirits. Eventually I found a map, and the map indicated I was headed to Saturn. Oops. I’m experienced enough to realize I’m in Netzach (Venus) without the hot chicks, which means I am actually in the wrong hour. Moving to Saturn would be moving forward to the Marble Dome, but I want to go backwards. I forcefully declare this, and the vision fades.

I get a weird sense of moving through spiderwebs, but without a vision. I eventually realize I am in Saturn and the place of desolation. There is no light, but I detect the familiar robed figure. I am picked up by her and put down before I can test by signs.

If I vibrate no name, I sense the closeness of the spiderwebs. If I vibrate the greek, they can be felt. If I vibrate the Hebrew, I move into a place of darkness but it’s clearly away from the shell. There’s a sense of something else here too but I can’t apprehend it. My spiritual sight is bankrupt. I stick with the Hebrew. Eventually I get a set of eyes, which are sort of freaky by themselves since they’re the only thing I do see. I sort of dodge this while keeping one (physical) eye open to make sure there’s nothing in the room with me. Ironic words to write from a ceremonial magician during an evocation. The cat eyes watch me patiently. They refuse to be banished by signs but they also refuse to really reveal any sort of nature to me.

Oh I know what this is, these are the cat eyes from the old Jupiter who was the Avatar cat. I try vibrating the name of the Angel instead and sure enough I get a purple fountain of force and the crown chakra opening. The feeling of shells being discarded again. I can’t get the spirit to talk, but I do get the sense it’s willing to be queried if I use divination. I ask about runes or tarot, and I’m indicated tarot. I grab by Thoth deck and I shuffle until the cards get “stuck”, at which point I draw two.

I get the empress and the emperor. This is pretty much pregnant with meaning. For one, my wife and I have been working magic for the job situation for quite some time. For two, it points out my wife opted to watch CSI instead of actually doing the evocational work with me. For three, if we look at the numbers, it indicates 3-4. I’m hoping this means $34/hr and not “Your wife should have been here for me”.

While I had the spirit, I thanked him for the work he did to get R and his family over here from the Philippines. I suspect he greased the wheels a bit.