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You may want to read part one for refresher.

Lets assume everything in the previous post which really turned into a post about the theological implications of sex magic is wrong. Instead of creating a fork in the universe where we become the creator God (which by itself assumes free will), what actually keeps us from God is the abyss. What’s the abyss? The abyss is how we are not like God.

Now, the previous post isn’t wrong, it just supposes that sex magic without the realization of the One Thing is wrong. It’s the difference between the Gnostic Mass and the Great Rite. The Great Rite really rubs me wrong because it’s just as bad as any other monotheism. To suppose that the woman is the altar is just silly because it completely negates any notional idea of polarity. Remember, unlike Crowley, Gardner didn’t play with his butthole. There are some people who hace tried to improve it but how it was originally written (linked to as above), it’s little more than an outline Crowley wrote for Gardner who didn’t quite grasp the whole thing.

Can people without union to the godhead product sex magic effects? Yes. It’s entirely possible for people to stay down in the first triad for the Great Rite and product a magical effect through the symbolic or actual union of two people who focus their will. It’s entirely possible for someone to go to Gnostic Mass and never realize the godforms and still produce a will bud. The difference is that the Great Rite doesn’t ever get above itself. It still supposes that Traditional Rite = One Man, One Woman. Basically, ‘traditional’ Wiccans are the Republicans of the magical world. By engendering the spirits, rather than supposing they have a polarity which is “projective” and “receptive”, the whole thing is screwed up through dogmatic ideas. Yes, I realize people have “fixed” the Great Rite so it could be performed by a same sex couple, but that’s not how it was written. Again, claiming historical authority is death.

Do not claim historical authority or authenticity unless everyone understands classical ideas. It’s a problem in the Wicca community, it’s a problem in the Asatru community, it’s a problem in the Abrahamic community. Don’t do it.

Alright it’s just a wall of text, where did the whole bit about the abyss go? By assuming that the God and Goddess create the “spirit” – which is weirdly enough not a gendered thing in the Great Rite, really we’re talking about the God (Hod, Mercury) and the Goddess (Netzach, Venus), creating the magical child (Yesod, Moon) which then is incarnated into matter (Malkuth, Earth). “WHAT? THIS ISN’T IN WICCA?” No it’s not, but Crowley wrote it, Garndner used it. Look at the Tree. Everything in Wicca is the Goddess and the Moon. From our place, to look up is to pass into Yesod, and the progenitors of Yesod are Splendor and Victory. But it stops there, there is a gap to the higher parts of the tree. This is why Wicca is really First Triad stuff – it doesn’t get above that first triangle. Crowley is huge on Sun Adoration. In the Gnostic Mass, there’s an appeal to the higher source. Since the Gnostic Mass is public facing, it really deals with the things which we see everyday and serves as a hermetic model (as below, so above) for how things work*. The Gnostic Mass I think also produces a much more balanced experience since it opens up to the One Thing (the Sun) as far as this model allows. The trick is to realize that the One Thing is the Sun, but the magician needs to start living in the sun (Triphareth as their Malkuth)** and understanding themselves as the center of the universe. They are ultimately responsible for themselves. I think having previous discussions with Michael about the Tree more or less led me to realize it’s ultimately flexible and can and should be folded onto itself as appropriate. It’s not that “there is no tree”, it’s that “you should play with the model more”. If you’re thinking this looks a lot like a Hexagram, you’d be right.

But if the magician is the center of the universe, wherefor the Godhead?

Right so just as the Magician is the center of the universe, if we are one with the divine, then to the lower half of the tree people, the Gnostic Mass offers their own ideas incarnation. The Priest and priestess accept the power of the divine (Triphareth or Kether) and then manifest it according to the Will of the Magician (from Triphareth), or it is the realization of the will of God. If someone is adept on the physical plane, they should be seeking to do the Will of God as is appropriate. It is, to quote, “To redeem matter”.

*There was a flash of inspiration here – try climbing the tree as my wife sees it since she’s Wiccan. Do a little dance, make a little love, pay attention to the moon, call in the God and Goddess with separate altars Golden Dawn style, and then try to get her talking to Michael of the Sun. Why not physically lay out the temple like the tree and go place to place?

**I think this is why I’m a bit disappointed with the OTO. I got the minerval papers and it was all books I already read. I don’t need an initiation fee and a subscription fee to be given a list of Crowley books and publicly available commentary.