I happened to bring up the Ritual of the Hexagram in previous posts, and I think there’s a neat image here I wrote about accidentally. Or maybe it was divine inspiration, or maybe it was obvious to everyone but me. Going back to the Tree, if we’re looking at Hod, Netzach, and Yesod as the triad in Wicca, then the fundamental practitioner unit is male and female, then we have something which looks a whole lot like the Water hexagram.

If we take a peek at the commentaries on the Supreme Hexagram, we see that Mercury, Venus, and Luna are making a downward pointing triangle. Luna is the point. Below Luna, Earth, but this is the man and the woman. Seriously, click that link, it’s a goldmine at the moment. The asatru guys have a leg up here by making the elemental forces fire and ice, summer and winter, light and shadow, man and woman, and so on. I think this is an Edred Thorsson-ism, but I don’t recall. Pretty much we can put “Earth based spirituality” into the “feeling” category of Classical Water. Ceremonial magic then focuses on the individual’s work, and it gets it’s authority from the Sun, which is the Godhead or Michael depending, and starts at a point before fanning out and trickling down to the sole practitioner. This is clearly the Classical Air.

Reasonably then if the top of the Air hexagram is the Sun for my particular situation, it’s pretty obvious why my HGA seems to be Michael. I’m only really working on the bottom half of the tree.

I don’t really want to put anymore down on paper until I’ve had a chance to seriously think it through, but I think the line of reason would be good to follow. The Earth hexagram would be the magician moving up to use the Sun as his malkuth, pushing the bottom triangle up over the top triangle, and the Fire hexagram is the magician being the cocreator with the godhead, both emanating.

In short, meditate with Michael as much as possible and figure out how to jump up.