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I’m just catching up on my feeds, so I apologize if you’ve seen this already. I’ve been sick pretty much since friday, and then spent the last two days in training for work, so I haven’t had time to rest up and get over it. The upside is the normal low magic stuff did work this time. I’ve decided it might be time to get some good old alchemical work going and make up a solution. Stavish has several articles on alchemy which cover the process of creating tinctures. Plus, booze!

Aaron Leitch published The WMT and Wicca, which is sort of a meta-post about a presentation he can’t share. I asked him to publish a transcription. He also brings up The Thelemic Origins of Wicca. Read them both. Leitch knows what he’s talking about being an anthropologist and having written many good books.

What I found really interesting, and a bit disappointing, is that Peregrin Wildoak weighs in and says they have nothing in common. Now, this is one of these neat perspective things and I think Aaron wants to hand it to us while being a bit polite. Peregrin Wildoak says they have nothing in common not because of any sort of historical precedent, but because the Golden Dawn is about as interested in Crowley as Doreen Valiente was. Read: Openly hostile. To further confound the issue, Peregrin is in Australia, and I doubt he has access to a traditional coven with lineage. This isn’t a bad thing and I’m pretty big on “do what you find true” rather than standing on lineage, but it’s sort of ironic he falls into the lineage trap while ignoring Crowleys contribution.

It doesn’t mean the books are in any sort of way bad. Both authors produce fantastic stuff. Go read the books.