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Today happens to be a really good day for making a sun talisman. Per the previous post, I know how Agrippa works and I know today is a good day to try to fix solary powers into something. For our purposes, that something is going to be a solar talisman. Now, if I were a rich man, I’d be using gold for this, but I’m not. In fact I just tried to get brass flashing from Home Depot, and had no such luck. Like previous planetary kameas, this is going to go on paper and provide a resting place for things to be charged.

There’s two good places to get talismans – the picatrix and Agrippa himself. Unfortunately I had a fairly poor go of the mansions of the moon, so that really makes it easy to reach for the Agrippa. Agrippa gives us both an image of the sun, and a magic square for the sun. So far so good. In my understanding, Michael is the Angel of the Sun, but I like the ideas of how to build the talismans. Note to self: Preorder brass foil.

Anyway I just tested the sun magic square, I had suspected the Tyson’s alternate version was the correct one but I just tried to trace out a seal on it and it quickly turned into a giant mess on the paper. However this stresses a great point – don’t trust anything you read until you try it yourself. What Agrippa does for his magic squares (and why Venus is just weird) is to trace the movement of the numbers from the original grid’s numbering. Therefor we could actually could use Tyson’s square which doesn’t have lake mirroring, but it’s a dead end.

Tyson's Sun Square

Tyson’s Sun Square

Yup, this is serious magic. Done in pen and tracing. OK the square is seriously bad is what it is. Dots represent fixed numbers that don’t move, lines indicate the motion of the numbers from their original positions. The single little lines in the square are numbers which face the outside of the square and wrap around. I could have put them in but it would have just been long lines across the face of it and I thought it was too complicated. That being done, I feel I’ve successfully explored how the sun square works and why Agrippa traced what he traced on the sun square. Tyson does a good job of walking the reader through it and directly into that mess.

OK so that gives us some solary spirits and angels we can put down, but on the reverse side of the sigil I really want to somehow include Michael. Why Michael? Michael means “He Who is Like God”. Seriously, that’s both a name and a label. Raphael being the angel of healing, he goes in Mercury. There’s huge discussions on the placement of the angels. Suffice to say, if you feel one way or another, go with it, which is part of the fun of playing along at home. But speaking of, in the Tyson book, the seal of Michael in Chapter 30 book 3 is upside down and backwards. The correct version is reproduced on the internet version weirdly enough. However this is nitpicky and the sigils can be reversed (or mirrored) safely.

The incense is frankincense, cinnamon, and it needs a binder so I always toss in some vanilla oil. Toss enough cinnamon to look like it will generously coat the frankincense, then add vanilla oil until it turns into mud. The frankincense tears are about the size of small peas, so they don’t really need to be ground. I do this all in a cheap plastic sandwich bag, which I then knead and toss until the frankincense is bright red.

Solar IncenseThe bag looks disgusting, but when it dries out the cinnamon will be well married to the frankincense. Buy expensive frankincense, expensive ground cinnamon, but use the cheap vanilla extract. Why? The vanilla extract will be mostly alcohol and it will evaporate and really won’t smell like anything once it’s gone. If you do want the vanilla smell, although not really good in my book, use the pulp from some vanilla beans like you would raw vanilla. However then you’d need another binding agent. If the frankincense goes soft, there’s too much alcohol.

Now the altar colors and candles are easy enough (yellow), but the music is another matter. I posted this to a facebook group and it literally got no attention at all. Then again I’m also the only person I know who is publishing their notes. What music do we listen to for a good rite? The Greeks give us dorian mode music, but what’s that mean for songs? It how is sunshine dorian? Turns out that The Church switched Dorian and Phrygean modes somewhere in the Middle Ages. It’s likely this is simply a result of the instruments used in church couldn’t quite tune properly to the specific scale required, so picking music evolved as the instruments evolved. That being said, Impressions Number Four sounds to me like a sunny, slightly breezy day in the woods, and it makes it a good phrygean piece to listen to on repeat while doing the work.

Ritual notes… Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Strong scent of flowers on the stairway up to the ritual room for no obvious reason. Went through the entire Planetary Magick book for all three rites. On the last, final rite of attunement I put on the music, drank some apple cider I made and a cookie and treated it as a communion. I then put together the planetary talisman. I was originally going to do front and back, and I had different ideas about how I wanted to use the colors, but I was inspired at the last minute to use purple as the foundation, yellow as the seal and angel, and orange for the spirit and intelligences of the planet. I then made up a song on the spot for each of the names set to the music on repeat, and meditated while singing. The whole world sort of turned into lazy sunlit fields for me for a bit, I think it was effective. Closed by knocking three times and thanking the spirits, but I left some incense go to “bake in” the seal.

Finished Seal