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Seems like a weird time for a post on Christmas, right? I AM NEVER TAKING IT OFF MY PANDORA.

My brother knows about my interest in the occult and while he doesn’t like to participate, he kicks me things he finds interesting. He got burned by it when he petitioned Mars to resolve some conflict between him and his (ex-)girlfriends father. Since I have a really hermetic approach to magic, I felt he got what he asked for as tensions died down from him. He felt like he got shafted since it didn’t work out between them, but such is magic. Anyway he gave me a copy of The Star of Bethlehem.

The presentation is good enough but makes the standard ministry confusion of “Well Jesus is the God!” I don’t think any serious occultist would deny the divine nature of Christ. However I also don’t think any serious occultist would deny the divine nature of any man, however degraded he might seem. And I seriously don’t think any serious occultist would deny that a significant astrological event happened around 3BC. However that’s the rub the author unfortunately misses – if the stars aligned and a person was born who walked with God, then that also means every rotation of the solar system (12 years) would line up in a similar way. If we want to zoom out to the galactic level, this alignment technically happens once every 225 or so million years, however those Babylonians also knew how the stars work (the magi, remember?) and they worshipped Jupiter as Marduk. In fact I’d like to argue that as far as astrology is concerned, the universe would have moved a trivial amount and the jupiter-regulus conjunction would have only moved 1.4 degrees per century. In other words, the next 200 years would have seen the same “star” every 12 or so years until the objects separated by more than 3 degrees.

OK so lets give the guy the benefit of the doubt, and say that the time was significant, something significant happens at that time, and the astrological line up can be calculated. By my math, 16 JULY 2015, Venus and Regulus will be 2.4 degrees apart and Jupiter will be 5.5 degrees from that. After a quick bit of google-fu, I see someone has done the leg work for me:

For 2015 JUL 09 at 02:36:46 UT, I find the following geocentric separations:
6.9° Jupiter-Regulus
3.9° Venus-Regulus
3.5° Venus-Jupiter

For 2015 JUL 16 at 11:42:00 UT, I find these geocentric separations:
5.5° Jupiter-Regulus
2.4° Venus-Regulus
5.5° Venus-Jupiter

The problem here is that we have to pick a place to actually view the stars from to produce accurate charts. Since we’re on a Babylon kick, I just ran the chart for that, and sure enough Jupiter and Venus are lined up in Leo…

Could it be… THE END?

Probably not. The Bible is mostly an import of older stories, which given the whole “Giant Clock” meme going on, it’s very likely that the Bible is a collection of stories colored by the culture which heard them, understood the wisdom, and wanted to claim it as their own or extend it. It then doesn’t surprise me that the whole story here sounds a lot like textbook Babylonian Astrology.

If I were a betting man, I would seriously wonder if something significant were going to happen. I’m not going to go so far as to say the apocalypse is coming, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a major event in the middle east around the 9th to 15th of July.