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E had tipped me off to The New Magus. I had previously purchased New Millennium Magic as the “updated” version of The New Magus. Just quickly flipping through it, it became clear to me that Tyson had not re-written the book but simply written a new book and copped a bunch of his own material for the previous book. Mine happens to be a 5th printing and the printing is all the same, but the cover is different. I was reading the intro and had to grab my tablet to look it up on the internet. The cover of mine is a guy or girl dressed up in fairly modern clothes, but with a sword, cup, and unicursal hexagram on the cover. The intro talks about the old cover and I’m looking at this going “What the hell?” I actually checked to make sure it wasn’t rebound.

The intro was fantastic. The idea of moving Mercury to the center of the planetary star is a sweet idea. I disagree with his use of the nodes of the moon since the nodes of the moon are completely meaningless without the sun, but he doesn’t say “nodes of jupiter” or “nodes of mars”.

The rune chapter I couldn’t resist reading. It’s a disaster. At very least read Odin’s Gateways, but someone seriously about it should be reading the Heimskringla. At some point I’ll make a mental note to write up which rune goes with which story, but the basic idea is that each rune tells a story and when they touch is where the stories overlap. If someone studies the rune stories, they can very quickly figure out how the stones fall out. I also have the runecasting page for the really quick layperson summary.

I’m fairly excited to read it. It’ll come after the new commentary on the book of the law and little essays towards truth.