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Magic took a back seat to daily life recently. I got wrapped up in the OTO stuff and frankly it turned into a political exercise rather than a magical exercise, which is extremely unfortunate but it’s the nature of the beast. Work gave me some extra responsibility and it directly exposed me to an entire group of people who aren’t pulling their weight. The upshot? I’m also directly exposed to an entire group of people who are interested in pulling their weight and are the most competent people I’ve dealt with in a long time in IT. After two weeks of trying to get them to cover their bases while covering their bases so the whole project didn’t fall apart, I decided to use magic to resolve the issue. They’ve been here years, and presumably have spent an equal amount of time doing the bare minimum to get by. The last straw was when today, one of them asked us for the database settings and then told us our application was configured wrong when they supplied the database settings. This is probably meaningless to 90% of the readers, but it’s really annoying when you’re working with a group of people who give you the configuration – and it’s the wrong configuration. They need to go. We need them out of the way to actually get stuff done instead of fighting fires all the time.

The guys ears must have been burning because I finished mentally writing this post (I tend to work through posts in my head before I put them down to paper) and he stopped by my office and “wanted me to double check some things”. No such luck dude, you’ve already ruined too much of my and my team’s day. Problems we were discussing yesterday at 8am he’s ignored until 2pm today.

Anyway, I could roll up my sleeves and get the Lesser Key spirits on them, but it would probably involve them being hit by a bus or something. Getting the chthonic spirits on people tends to favor material solutions and this isn’t really a good idea. The planetary spirits might be nice but they tend to move glacially slow for me. The Enochian spirits are probably what I want, and I haven’t really discussed using them on the blog except for EXARP. Always looking to do something new, however, I started re-reading Liber Chanokh. People should be reasonably familiar with it since it’s the Golden Dawn version of Enochian Magic. If not, check the reference guide to Enochian magic. The fun part about magic is once a magician gets their legs on what the likely effect is going to be, we can riff on the same old ritual. Specifically I am interested in working with the Servient angel of fire (transformation) and the Kerubic angle of water (understanding secrets). Mostly because I want to explosively transform my company’s relationship with them but I also want to understand their technical crap.

I got perusing the old Enochian haunts and ended up finding a faxed PDF version of Reed’s Book of Soyga commentary. This is, by itself, worth a read. But as I’m reading the book of Soyga, I happen to notice that Uriel’s name is annotated as VR. This isn’t particularly interesting at the moment but was bouncing around the back of my head when I made a jump – the HGA name I was given for the hawk/cloak thing in previous posts was VRIEEL. I haven’t previously published this, I thought it was personal enough it shouldn’t be published (also because I don’t really want to give out my birthday). Now, I love Dee, but I’ve managed to cross into creepy territory with this one. Also like Dee, Michael seems to be the center of the universe, but Uriel is the name I received when I was asking for the name of the HGA.

Apparently I have a lot of reading to do.