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This post accidentally was published because I don’t know how to wordpress on a phone. I intended to flesh it out and here’s the new version. Oftentimes posts get written and rewritten before I push them.

Just a quick list of syncs – these are important to document because it gives me insight into the proper addressing of the Angel or spirit.

Massive Attacks “Angel” was followed by Tools “Laturalus” on my Pandora shuffle. A Perfect Circle’s “Magdalina” was up next followed by a down tempo remix of NIN’s “Zero sum”. Then Pandora crashed.

I got the weird “feathers on the skin” feeling I typically identify with strong spiritual presences.

A quick Google suggests Uriel is related to mars. All of this good stuff went down in the hour and day of mars.

The symbol I wrote down for the angel looks like a V inside an exaggerated U. Either its the seal or its painfully obvious the spirit was telling me I missed something.

People were walking weirdly close to me in an otherwise low traffic area of the train station. Not sure what this means in anything.

Why music? I think it’s important to pay attention to otherwise random events after doing one of these. Regardi would suggest that what’s happened is we’ve changed our own filters and now perceive things differently, and I think Crowley’s writings suggest this also. A sort of Psychic Spasm occurs and things settle anew. On the other hand, I also think when events fully cross over the line of disbelief, they become significant. Oftentimes I wonder if I should even blog things because they’re relevant only to me. I should hope people learn through example instead of Crowleys own “here’s the system, make of it what you will”. Anyway, the music introduces a random element in the life of the magician and thus gives spirits something to communicate through. All the ghost boxes and radio tuning mediums rely on this element. In fact, the ghost hunters (cool guys) got such excellent results with the rain stick they bought one for Q&A sessions with spirits. Tarot Cards, Dice, etc are also nice but music is really a rich tapestry for which spirits to operate on. Plus Pandora tends to try to mix it up when you “add variety” to a station, so I have reasonable assurance that the application is presenting me with reasonably random tracks. What station did I pick? TOOL. While early TOOL rocks out, later TOOL is clearly a religious work.

Lets step through the message.

The title of the song is Angel. Don’t knock the delicious, low hanging occult fruit – sometimes stuff is handed to the magician (and it’ll take me two weeks of magical hiatus to see it). However in the video, this guy is walking through what looks like a train station or public garage and the people are all walking (and eventually running) way too close to him…

TOOL’s Laturalus is pretty much The Ceremonial Magic song having piles of kabalistic correspondences built into it. Enjoy!

A Perfect Circle’s Magdalina isn’t Maynards best work and I’m sort of happy to hear there’s no more APC on the way. I vastly prefer Puscifer and TOOL. However, the song is about the desire to experience union with the divine. I could leave it there but it seemed largely an unsatisfying explanation for the choice of song. Nitpicking the lyrics, there’s a reference to the Black Madonna. This is interesting because it’s almost uniquely a Catholic thing, and because going back to Laturalus, there’s a connection to Saturn in there. My Saturn hangs out somewhere between the traditional figure of Death and the Virgin. I will make a mental note to revisit Saturn and ask about appearances, but the Catholic angle is important (and probably a hat tip to paging through the Roman Missal I’ve been doing). Surfing around Google, I see Uriel on Wikipedia is usually depicted wearing a dark colored robe. Reading further, the section on Uriel in Enoch jumps out where we learn that Uriel stood in the presence of God to vouch for humanity after the Gregori (watchers, fallen angels) had taken wives of Man and produced the Nephilim. The root of the story is of course not sexual union but spiritual union. Was this not the desired result of the HGA operation?

Suddenly, I think I’ve missed something. Old habits die hard and I’ve been conducting each of these experiments as evocations rather than invocations. The HGA operation fell into this category. While I’m busy derping around with evoking planetary powers to great effect, the falcon/cloak thing has been stalking me around. Why is it a falcon/cloak? Because the HGA (me) has to go somewhere when I’m not in invocational mode. I’ve been doing the HGA operation (and other magic) and not realizing I needed to accept and wear the cloak.

Smooth move, Phergoph.

Well, we can just let the lyrics speak for themselves.

And I guess I just wanted to mention, as the heavens will fall,
We will be together soon if we will be anything at all.