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Being able to work on my self for the mundane stuff has been high on my list of magical goals. Problem being the great magicians always seemed to have the same problem – magic worked on all targets except them. Crowley was only able to manifest enough cash to live comfortably in a boarding house, but Boleskine was out of his reach. Bardon could miraculously cure people, but he too couldn’t cure himself. When I finally got the respiratory thing going around on top of a really nasty case of poison oak, I figured it was good a time as any.

However, a neat thing happened – I was running a fever of about 102ºF, and I started to realize I was getting subtle geometric visions behind my eyelids. Normally when I’m eyelid scrying or looking for this effect it’s looking for a small dot of very busy motion which resolves itself into images. It’s a lot like high speed smoke scrying. Did the KC astrally, then I forget if I did the LBRP or the LIRP and the LBRH or LIRH. I do remember I forgot the evocation of the archangels. However an angel appeared in a kelly green robe looking like a stocky, germanic folk. At some point I figured out my body was lying on a glass cross, or in it. It’s filled with black crap. The angel was working to push out the black crap and so I started to bail water also. We worked for awhile, and I became aware of a tube hooked into my body. (At this point I sneaked a peek to make sure I wasn’t in the hospital – it wouldn’t be the first time). Next to me under the supervision of the angel is now a man dressed poorly working a bellows or some other device. It’s pumping out the black crap much faster than we could. The angel is backfilling the body with light as the black stuff leaves. I ask the man’s name. “Zack”. I don’t publish the names of living people on the blog – but I don’t know any Zack’s in real life. Of course if your name is Zack and you’re helping – thanks! I asked the Angel for it’s name – “You will know me by signs”. I wish they would just say “google it lololol”. Before sitting down to write I figured out it was Raphael. It seems to be a commonplace that Angels don’t answer to names, but they do answer to images.

I sort of felt a “pop” when the body was filled with light.

I implored the Angel and Zack to stick around. I played with the light for a minute and figured out I could get it to move around with relatively simple visualizations and when done properly a flow could be felt. “Spending” the light didn’t diminish it within my body, but the Angel and Zack stuck around and watched me. I rolled over in bed and asked my wife, who also had this, if I could do some “reiki” (WINK WINK) on her, at which point she said she was going to “murder” me, but I told her no this was legit. I laid my hands on her for about 15 minutes. She reported her condition was improved, although by no means did she feel tops this morning. I almost feel bad because instead of being exhausted, headachy and coughing, I feel fine. Minus the poison ivy, but I changed my shower soap and I think it’s going to have a much more mundane solution.

Possible syncretic herald: I was talking to one of my Muslim buddies (he’s probably a Sufi all things considered) about The Green Ones. Turns out this is actually a proper title in some forms of Islam and they’re named Al Khidr. Wicca, green stuff, mansions of the moon, arabic? Where do I sign up?

EDIT: “How do you know it was an angel then? You didn’t test the angel at all!” While a valid criticism, I don’t think I need to test each and every spirit. Also the Angel had four wings, and this is almost always a really high order Angel in my own personal experience. The Angel went out of it’s way to show me the four wings. I suspect there’s some forms spirits simply can’t take unless they’re the proper spirits. They can emulate a form, but they can’t assume it exactly. That being said, my astral sight isn’t nearly so clear and I would actually prefer to test spirits if I can.