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I had that moment of doubt the other day and I scrapped the enochian working. What if these guys have kids? What if these guys have a house? What if these guys have spouses who can’t work? Who am I to tell them to get out?

As a magician we are the creator gods of our own personal universes. Doubt will absolutely destroy anyone’s working. It’s not that I can assure myself that things will be OK and go through with it. If I doubt, I destroy the foundation of everything. My will falls flat. The best way to deal with doubt is to meet it head on. If I can work through what I want and formulate a good charge to the spirits, then not only have I banished doubt, but I have improved the foundation of my working by setting bounds of what I am comfortable accomplishing with my magic. Either the spirits are going to flat out say no to the whole operation, or they’ll go operate within confines I set to accomplish what I want.

Mostly I just want soft landings for these guys, but I want them out of my professional life.

For whatever bizarre reason meditating on the subject pulled me away from the previous plan and had me reaching for Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy. This was a reasonably good choice, although I didn’t understand it at the time. Turns out King Blumaza is given authority by Uriel, and directly works with the Chain of Dignity and Doctrine and with the Golden Rod of Government. Sounds to me like a manager, I figured I would run with it.

The enochian setup is fairly easy – and I had considered having the ring tattooed on my hand at some point since I use it for a lot of things. My only rub is that I keep changing my mind about what the ring should be, so I just drew it on my hand. I got out my printed sigilum and placed the four large ones in the corners of the room. I put the smaller one on my table, which I covered with a violet cloth. I put the ensigns of creation on the table and I tend to agree with Rudd that they’re representations of the goetia. Just simply putting the stuff out has a certain gravity to it and unlike the room taking a charge, there’s a sense of a giant space being opened. I would liken it to being at the top of a roller coaster. I know the ride is coming, but all of this energy is potential energy.

Stenwick’s book is just a fantastic text and the whole ritual temple is worth its weight in gold. The book explains how things should go and then gives the reader a choose-your-own-adventure type format for choosing your own ritual.

Ritual Performance

I didn’t get any of the Enochian/Goetia sideshow doing the evocation/invocation. Things do sometimes go bump in the night when working with Enochian, things certainly go bump in the night working with the Lesser Key spirits. This time neither happened. I expected bumps, but I got a planetary experience. I used most of Stenwicks work and did all the optional prayers and conjurations. He outlines several ways of working but I did the LBRP and the LIRH followed by the QC and the SIRH for the moon.

The presence was subtle. The incense I did noticed changed from cedar to night blooming jasmine, lilac, and later benzoin. This is reasonably expensive cedar incense I bought specifically to imitate sweet wood, it’s certified organic and such so I doubt it has things like that in there. I took it as encouragement. My left hand incense burner started to project an image of a figure, so I took the time to fire up BrainFreq. I dropped into meditation and sat for about 10 minutes or so letting the app do its magic. I was looking for a face like in Crowley’s Goetia, but instead I was sort of told “expect a place”.

I then noticed a checkered tiled floor, which is consistent with the moon experience. However, I was greeted by a king. He did not have a triple crown, but was instead wearing a crown. He had on red leggings and maybe simple cut boots in green, but a purple robe. His face was shifting between the face of a man and the grimace of something else – perhaps a lion. This would jive with my personal idea that the Enochian angels are actually composite spirits. The spirits come together to make one spirit, and that one spirit is made of and commands legions of spirits. However, while other times the spirits have been largely passive unless they had something serious to say, this spirit was reasonably intelligent and active. It first showed me a gold chain, with massive, massive links. Then it showed me a golden staff. The staff could grow and shrink as needed, and sometimes appeared as a snake, and sometimes as a set of golden, twisted vines. It seemed alive, but thoroughly under the control of the king. I became aware of a superior throne, but no-one sat in it. Giant marble columns in classical style lined the hall behind the throne. I became aware of a fire on the throne, but the king kept moving to block me from seeing it. The fire might have been Uriel, it might have been the throne of god. Either way the King made it clear I would interact with him and him alone.

We discussed what needed to happen, we discussed that the people in question needed soft landings but also needed to leave. The king took this all in stride but then said, “I commanded a spirit”. A knight or someone wearing silver armor comes in from the right and is trying to handle a dog in golden chains. The dog isn’t much larger than a pitbull but has three heads and breathes fire and blackness. The dog sometimes only had one head and appeared as a pack of dogs.

“You shall take this and give it unto them.”

I got the idea I was supposed to take the thing and bring it with me. I had been given spiritual machinery before, but never a pet spirit, and certainly never a spirit I’m supposed to deliver to a place to haunt people. I reached into the triangle and distinctly felt something in my right hand. The dog seemed to reduce to a small size like an action figure. I told the dog it must stay with me and sleep until I delivered it to their office. I have a feeling the train ride tomorrow is going to be fun. Even now my right hand seems cool and clammy.

I decided to QA the spirit a bit, the spirit indicated my altar was acceptable. It suggested I get a second incense tower for manifestation, so I guess I will try to track one down tomorrow. I asked if the seal should be a circle, and I was given an emphatic NO. But I was also told the spirit chafes under my foot. I became aware that my right foot was actually really freaking hot. I switched to my left foot. Sure enough my left foot became really hot. Not uncomfortably so, but enough I could put my other foot on it and it was cooler. The spirit did not seem happy at having both feet on the seal so I moved to one foot. I also asked if I could be taught sciences relevant to my job and the spirit seemed pleased at the idea. I sneaked a peek before giving the spirit the LBRP and QC per Stenwick, I was getting Goetic forms in the incense smoke.

I did not timebox this spirit. Normally I give spirits one lunar month to work but I got the distinct impression the spiritual pitbull I was handed to my ring-hand was going to move quickly once deployed. Lets hope so.

Well, success be thy proof. We’ll see what happens. My foot still tingles.