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I was sitting on the train reading some Tyson (The New Magus – don’t bother with New Millenium Magic) and I just happened to cross the part where he gives his abridged evocation of the lesser key spirits. I suspect a lot of magicians have the same problem I do when they get to a certain point – reading evocations or invocations fires up the astral temple and things get moving. I put my hand over the evocation so I could continue reading when I distinctly got “They know not the iceberg” from the Place of Unmanifest.

I suddenly understood what happened at work and how the spirit fulfilled the request.

Honest to God I was wiped at work and paying less attention than I should have been to projects and such. This is the standard excuse I’m sure my readers are familiar with – kids are sick. I didn’t notice when something interesting and subtle happened. Turns out someone had really complained to our Large DB Company about paying tons for their products and receiving little in support and training. Large DB Company’s Professional Services took pity on us or something and offered to take over the project.

Hell has just frozen over. These guys cost bazmillion dollars and they offered to do something for us for free. Yes, it’s probably a trap to upsell us more stuff and make us more dependent on them, but isn’t that what I asked for?

King Blumaza turns out to work as a merciful king. Rather than a meteor striking their houses (no need to worry about a house and family now!), he fulfilled the request to remove them from my professional life by getting our large DB company to send over consultants I can interface with. At the same time, this provides the DBAs with a pass to have some help fixing things up. While they’re fixing things up, hopefully they’re learning something. And if they slag off after, well, they know not the tip of the iceberg. All in all I’m happy with the results of this operation and I think this is the most positive outcome anyone could have hoped for.

There’s an observation to be made here on magical styles. For one, I think I broke ranks a bit with my other ceremonialists by saying “Well maybe it’s OK for this operation to fail”. I didn’t timebox the spirit because if the requirements were impossible I didn’t want the spirit putting out some heroic effort to line things up and having the whole thing fall apart at the end of its tenure. This sometimes happens with Goetia and whatnot where they’ll get you a car – but it’s going to be a car that becomes yours because someone else blew up their engine and you’re the only guy who can turn wrenches. I didn’t really want rushed or minimum effort here and I think by not timeboxing the spirit it gave it a chance to operate. Needless to say my normal timebox of one lunar month would have still been plenty of time to operate.

This is also the difference between, say, wicca and ceremonial magic. In wicca things are directly petitioned for, and in ceremonial magic the spirit is recognized as an operator in the situation and works best when given lateral movement to make and shape the situation as the spirit sees fit. In short, the magician serves the Light of God, the spirit does due reverence to God, so trust in the spirit. When working with Angels anyway… Or composite spirits of Angels.

Also in particularly creepy news, my parents just called and my mother has decided to sign over the van I fixed up. About four months ago my wife’s jeep died and my parents lent us a van which needed about $800 worth of work. I did all the work myself and it needs another $400 to make it completely nice. My mother is getting up there in years and gets goofy sometimes and after I fixed up the van, she wanted it back. It caused a bit of a row in the family but I grit my teeth and grinned. Today my father calls me to tell me mom gave up on the van and wants to sign it over to us. I told them I’d buy them dinner.