I tossed several drafts onto the bonfires of vanity because too much navel gazing sucks. A quick update on the professional magic – the one consultant was hired full-time by Oracle which is a really good career move for him. A data services position opened up. The person I wanted to slot in there didn’t answer any mails or FB messages but they got someone even better in my opinion. I am tickled pink by the outcome of that operation. Working with the Goetia I feel like things sort of scrape by, working with Enochian Angels, when it works, it works really well.

Aaron Leitch has a new book coming out called the Enochian Grimoire. One of my biggest gripes ever with the system is that the Golden Dawn took a hatchet to it. This leads to really interesting philosophical discussions about why it works for Nick Farrell, Peregrin Wildoak and other Golden Dawn purists. When we get out of that system and look at the OTO guys, it works for Scott Stenwick. And it works for people who strives for Dee purism as much as possible like me. I think the reason why it works is because the spirits themselves are presentations of actual spirits which are presentations of the godhead. They can (and do) wear masks appropriate to the practitioner. While we might put Venus into Eros, and then put them both into Netzach, we’re looking at presentations which resonate with us at a conscious and subliminal level. So long as we can pluck the cord, it’ll work. Someone who is strongly emotional I wouldn’t put into Dee’s dusty bookshelves, they would do well in an ecstatic tradition. On the other hand someone who is strongly thoughtful and prefers to reason out problems would do really well in the classical Greek and Hebrew texts. The dangers in either side of the spectrum are the people who think there’s no middle and are overread nonpracticing shitheads. Succinctly, Do the Practice, Get the Results. And speaking of being an overread toolbox, this page is a great list of academic resources on occult and nonoccult topics.