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The Day was Jupiter, but the hour was Saturn.

My wife wanted to evoke Hestia and since she hadn’t been terribly interested in the spiritual work I decided to tear down all the Enochian kit and put back all the planetary kit. One of the major changes she was interested in was using the black shewstone, which is part of the Enochian kit but I decided what the heck.

My gut was saying that Hestia belonged in Luna, because my wife hangs out with Wiccans and I figured she would approach every spirit in that framework. Some googling suggested that Hestia was a member of Saturn (Hestia being Dionysus, Dionysus being Christ, Saturn being Sabbati). I went with the attribution of Saturn, but when making these sorts of judgements, always make sure your knowledge lives up to the myth.

Let my wife open with her wiccan circle thing, then did the LIRP and LIRH, archangels, and meditated. I continually got this weird impression of a hallway made of doors. Not as in a hallway with doors, but like a bunch of doorframes laid out upright to form a hallway. I was otherwise unable to get ahold of a spirit. One of the doors eventually had Dees monad on it, but the horns were highlighted.

Meditated on this for another 10 minutes or so and finally figured out maybe it was supposed to be pathworking for someone. Maybe I’m supposed to open the door.

“You’re in your temple, you’re on Earth, you know you want to go on a journey. You leave your temple, and you find a path. You proceed down the path – it’s filled with a verdant English hedge and bluebells by the verge. You happen into a young girl. She is playful but elusive, she is laughing and guiding you along. She draws you into her space which is a half built stone circle. The stones are black and white and workmanlike in their quality. They are rough hewn, they will be bettered later at the hands of the craftsman, but already you can see her space take shape. She points the way.

You proceed further down the path and meet a mother. She’s holding a small child. The sun is bright and shining, she is sitting in a grove on a tall chair. The trees are tall and deep but this field is soft so she may put her child down. The child smiles at you – he is holding a wand made of willow*. He gestures to your left and you proceed down the path.

You end up at a stone temple, this is tall and it is now night. There’s a file in the middle of the temple and a central long stone altar. You notice a woman across from the fire, she bids you to come near. Her name is Hestia…”

*I don’t know why I chose willow, which is malkuth.

My wife reports the spirit was cheerful and friendly, I sort of got bounced out of the temple, there was a hookah waiting for me.

My wife reports Hestia was fair, she had a hair covering, she was in a white temple and the whole thing was stone. The temple was “like a gazebo”, the altar was a giant stone and had a bowl of fire on it. She saw black granite past it, it held a seat. The granite was rough but the seat was nice. Hestia gestured for her to approach. She definitely wanted to listen, my wife describes it as a “girlfriend clique”. When my wife repeatedly petitioned for a sign of her presence we got the standard “the Gods don’t do parlor tricks”, so I prompted my wife to ask her for a sign in the coming week. My wife received the image of a frog and a white flower blooming. The white flower blooming would become significant later – it’s one of the cards in her tarot deck which came up many times.

At some point I became aware there were dogs moving through the forest the temple was in – not sure what that was about. Attempts to interact with them gave sort of a “guides” feel but nothing productive came from these.

After that we did some tarot and finished by thanking the spirit.