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I was talking to a fellow Magus who wrote Defensive Occultism. I thought it was good for what it was – which was a book someone not particularly interested in magic could pick up if they felt they were under supernatural attack and get some traction. He lives in an area of the world where there’s a good bit of Magical Tourism. Europeans, Americans, and so on come by and they’re looking for a mystical experience and so they come to the “island people” and expect a song and dance. Turns out magical tourism is a thing. It also turns out that a large organization in his area has lost sight of the fact that it’s a tourist trap and started giving the locals advice. I’m sort of a go with the flow guy, and I believe people who are sincere in looking inside themselves will find their correct spiritual path. And, similar to me, robes will be shat a few times before they get their sea legs and can surf the current. The problem is this place is the Scientology of the Asia-Pacific islands, and apparently sucked in one of his buddies.

Now, war magic isn’t really my thing. When I have to work in not so nice places I typically carry my blessed iron rod of persuasion but I pray I don’t have to use it. I work in the inner city – the golden rule is mind your own business. If you have purpose and don’t interact with the city, it tends to ignore you. I’m not going to color my blog with political commentary but I’ve been a news junky for the last week. It hits close to home. But things have power, and they have more power when people are aware of them in the collective unconscious. If there was ever a time to use a device as a wand, this would be the time. I’m probably going to take the barrel out and use it as a wand for this operation. From a magic standpoint, it works. The barrel is steel (Mars), the barrel is a projection device, the barrel is not such a nice thing. I actually shoot match on weekends and find the whole experience a really “in tune with the Earth” thing. Think about every pop sniper movie you’ve watched where the hero has to think about the wind, get in tune with the sun, feel the thermals, assume a position, regulate their breathing, slow their heart… If this doesn’t read like meditation, I don’t know what does. I hunt and fish too, I was pretty much born in the woods. Fishing is the same thing, with the water element. But back to the psychology, I didn’t want to associate magical states with fine German hardware, so taking the thing apart is a must. It cannot be used in toto, both from a safety and magical perspective.

I had debated a bit with myself over this small point – the Goetia require a sword. The whole operation actually calls for two swords when taken down to brass tacks. It should be a consecrated sword, but I have no doubt in my mind something I interact with and respect so much already occupies my Holy of Holies. Is the barrel the wand or the sword? When it comes to Goetic operations, it doesn’t matter.

I have a ready-made collective unconscious charged device at my disposal, but what about the morality? If I pretend this person is completely unknown to me, how do I know that they’re not simply furthering their own ends? How can I put a spirit in place and not have it affect me? How do I even begin to work war magic against a company? For one, as within, so without is the axiom in hermetic magic. If I attack someone else’s livelihood, doesn’t that attack my own? I had the same debate with myself when I was working with the Heptarchy at my own job. I eventually decided that it largely depended on the current. If the people I was working on – and lets not kid ourselves, this world is what it is because of people – were fundamentally trying to do good for themselves and others, helpful spirits would be the order of the day. If the people are being fundamentally predatory, and acting against the divine nature of us all, then there are spirits for that too. There are spirits whose office is to be jerks. And just like the Sepheria represent the perfected lens of the Godhead, the Qlippoph represent the perversion of that same lens. While I could have asked a spirit (probably planetary angels) to increase enmity or something similar to that, the more I read the more I was fairly convinced that these people were in fact the Scientology of Asia-Pacific and appealing to the good natures of Angels to improve the place wasn’t going to work. The Heptarchy stuck out in my head as another way to work it, but didn’t seem to fit the situation. All of Enochian and Planetary magic either focuses on the salvation and redemption of the target or works to increase or decrease forces on the target.

Also some scrying late at night revealed they had at least one person who knew what they were doing. I wouldn’t call it sophisticated, but the egregore around the place was such that they were already business savvy and used to working to pervert the spiritual ends of others. In fact, it felt icky. Turning to my Toth deck kept pulling up cards with broken, overflowing, wasted imagery. Everything was pointing to the idea that there were already “demonic” (I hate the word) forces at work, mostly fueled by the corporation’s collective actions themselves. Some people think they’re John Constantine or something and can walk in and throw around some holy water and flash some crosses and magically everything will scurry away, but that’s just the problem. These things have permanence and merely driving them away just means other people will pick up and follow the corporate example. Destroying the beast means feeding it, making it grow, and making it so big others realize the monster.

As I’m writing this post there’s a huge cicada banging itself against the screen. “Let me in… Let me in…”

Rather I thought it was safer to work with what was already there. We know that any organization which seeks to replace the godhead serves Thaumiel. It couldn’t be any other way – the organization seeks to divorce the people from the divine light inherent to themselves (or finds people with this already done by their own actions, ideas, and personal philosophy) and it all trickles down from there. There’s a terrible and disgusting irony in a religious services company doing such a thing, but this is how the demons get in. Looking down the shadow tree, the Qlippoph of Jupiter is Gha Agsheblah. The way this unfolds is pretty clear – the company will overexert itself either through money or trying to offer “services” and end up being shallow in treasures of wisdom or gold.

OK but why do I expect this to work? I am assuming that this force already exists in this company. I believe that the company is acting in a way which shows that it is greedy, and I believe the company is overreaching. All I’m doing is lending that existing motion a hand.

While having a conversation with my current Angel guide through tonights smoke, “Well, aren’t you being a judgmental asshole?” (Uriel at his finest). Perhaps, but there’s one last trick here which I think is going to work well. I’m personally going to be on the lookout for free stuff and making an effort to turn it down left and right. But I also want to make sure that this force is a force for good, so I’ve decided to keep the company name out of the summoning and just use the location of it’s headquarters. If people then are influenced by this and choose to act selfishly, they’re going to get sucked into the current. If people are going to choose to do The Right Thing and try to improve everyone’s standing, they’re going to resist the beast. The redemption comes from realizing when things are bad for the whole, and working to use that to a positive end. By simply using the location of the thing to influence the forces, not only is it a hat-tip to the 91 part of the Earth, but it ultimately leaves it to the people to deal with their own demons and hopefully come out on top. More importantly, if my buddy is only looking for a leg up, he gets to deal with it too. Either everyone is going to do well for everyone or I’m going to stay my hand.

Standard magic rules will apply to this working – day and hour of Jupiter, put on the Solomonic gear, and get to work.