I scrubbed the operation for last night for a couple of reasons. My wife had asked me not to work with petulant spirits in the house, and the goetia sideshow was in full force before I even started the work. I ended up deciding I was going to work with Ayn as a compromise, and then scratched that too. She woke up the last few nights complaining she heard someone moving around and voices in the hallway. I would wake up and it would be gone. Also I ended up having one astral experience of this weird tar thing wandering around the property. Would it have been effective to send these things to the intended destination? Sure. Would it have been effective? No doubt. Is it the goetia sideshow? Yup. For whatever reason the spirits which hang out close to the Earth tend to be less interested in being helpful and more interested in experiencing the Earth. Working with them attracts different wanton spirits and they tend to stack up. I was a bit surprised that we got effects days earlier, but by simply planning the ritual it essentially performs the ritual on the conceptual plane.

I’m not particularly scared of spirits, I’m confident in my banishing. What actually talked me out of unchaining the dogs was a discussion I had with a coworker who’s a Muslim convert and speaks the language. He’s really not afraid to rant about the Muslim community when it deserves it. The dynamics of the area are such that the farmers are subsistence living, and they’re Muslims. The Catholics tend to be in the military, there’s extremist Muslim groups but they tend to be rebels who prey on the farmers who don’t like their land misappropriated, and then the Other groups tend to bring up the rear. Really what I learned is I don’t know enough to make a decent moral decision about this issue and I certainly don’t know enough to be effective in the broader scope of the area. Frankly it seemed more like John Dee than a minor course correction.

The argument against this is entirely Democratic – just because a minority of cells in someone’s body happen to be cancer doesn’t mean the majority of cells have to accommodate that. However, I think that given the supermajority the Catholics and Muslims have in the area – moderate or not – having Option 3 might actually be beneficial. I personally find the whole Kenneth Grant current (TOTO/Scientology/Maat) not really my thing but choosing One True Occult King for the region, not really sure I have enough of an idea of what the region looks like to make that decision.

Either way, I’ve found it’s better not to stick my hands in things I know nothing about than muck around with issues which have the potential to make a lot of people unhappy.