Long story short – went on vacation. Was supposed to go to Salem, Mass and see New England. Dropped the kids off with mom-in-law and got 70 miles and the van decided to drop a valve. Lesson learned: Bless your car. Towing alone cost $375 and it was just off the turnpike and back to mom’s house. While we turned it into a family vacation, this shit sucks and could have been prevented by a magical nudge in the right direction. I swear something is trying to keep me from Salem.

The results of the Iceberg Operation have fully fruited – they fired the most useless guy and used the money to bring in a really good guy. My co-workers are plussed. I’m stuck in a weird place now holding the infrastructure I built out trying to mitigate the problems. I was told by someone fairly high up the food chain it just, and I quote, “Magically fell into place”. The guys resume came across his desk two days before even higher up said “someone has to go” and he was in the process of interviewing before he even knew. The Heptarchy continues to fascinate me and I plan on working with them in the future. Per most people who have touched Enochian, “robes were shat”. The stuff is effective.

My wife reported most of vacation that she felt “a lot of spirits”. I normally have to be in a very specific place before I can perceive them but I got “spooky” a few time. I sort of chalk this up to the planning of using the Ceremonial Magic book I had brought along with the missal, but never got around to using the operation. On the other hand, it went textbook like I did – something terrible happened, then I was offered a small but of money which I declined, then I was offered quite a bit of money out of the blue to just buy a new car.