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Long story short – I decided to liveblog (after asking if this was OK) Uriel on Creator. Turns out the spirit behind Third Eye Manilla also operates Theta Healing in the US – and I suspect it’s behind the recent rash of shit luck I’ve been having. I just got off a skype with R, and I really wish I had followed through with going to town on the spirit. That ended up scrubbed, and I can’t help but feel like I overthought it.

Opened by KC, LBRP, LIRH, KC. Got strong visuals like I was in a hurricane and the archangels formed the fort the Statue of Liberty sits on. I also walked incense around the room and summoned Uriel (my current HGA) to help. I tried using tarot and the cards were weirdly stuck together. I finally asked “should I be using runes?” and the smoke from the incense formed a figure in the air, which I took as a “yes”. I thanked the spirit and got my runes.

“Can I ask you about Creator?” I drew Ehwaz, which is the rune of witchcraft, spirits, and riding. I took this as acknowledgement.

“Is the Creator spirit a helpful spirit?” I drew Hagalaz, which is hail, winter, and destruction.

(I pulled out my laptop, I’ve had enough scotch I’m not going to remember and asked the spirit for its forbearance).

A quick glance up revealed Uriel’s hawk-cloak in the smoke.

“But do people actually get helped by this spirit?” Eihwaz – so “yes” in a very narrow sense.

At this point I had several runes jumping into my hand so I cast them on the cloth. All of them landed face down except Jera, which is the “harvest time”. They get help but then they are struck down. The face down runes were Ansuz, Dagaz, Laguz. They get help, but they’re cut off from the godhead, no-one talks about it, and very clearly – the spirit is an unclean spirit.

Just a quick note here – the Angels do not like the Goetic spirits. It’s very likely the spirit works on a very material level. Why not ask?

“What level does ‘the Creator’ work on?” I got no rune in particular, but I was told to throw the bag. A ridiculously complex reading came out here – I’m not sure if this is what the spirit is charged with or what the spirits offices are. The three runes which landed distinctly separate from the others (literally there’s a wall of face-down tiles keeping them apart) are Algiz (the warning), Nalthiz (wanting), Ehwaz (witchcraft). The governing forces in this reading are directly “This is an egregore, this is bad juju”. This is only significant because I had accused them of ceremonial magic in the skype call to R and instead they’re trying to form a spirit. OK, that’s OK unto itself but given the warning rune I suspect Uriel is telling me “they’re doing it wrong”.

Below that wall of tiles is Thurisaz (the thorn), Raido (the journey), Hagaliz (winter, destruction), and Othala (family – this is a nontraditional interpretation, traditionally this would be homestead). Again, the egregore might be trying to be helpful, but eventually causes isolation and family strife. I’ve been asked to keep the links secret, but the gist is that someone’s family is publishing their court documents and they are committing treason against their homestead. These runes are all touching. The runes above them are not. The runes below them are not. This indicates the issue has to be taken in toto.

The final three (separate) runes are Tiwaz (judgement, justice), Uruz (wealth – nontraditional or traditional is strength), Wunjo (joy, or sexual union). It took a lot from someone to actually publish the family secrets and they get some satisfaction out of it, but their spouse was likely involved.

The long and short of it is that the leaks are genuine and unfortunate that it took a family member to publish them.

A glance up reveals an angel in the smoke. Wings.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Othala – follow their family. I took this to mean if I did positive magic on their family who is doing the leaks it would help.

“Did the Creator spirit kill the van?” Berkana. (This is a non answer – but I don’t want to do into why).

“Did the Creator spirit have anything to do with the valve dropping?” Jera – harvest. Thurisaz – protection. Berkana – My mother. The van was old and beat, then some fun personal issues between my wife and mother which aren’t fit for publication. To summarize – “no”.

“Should I operate against the organization as planned?” Hagalaz.

“OK why?” (Got “throw the bag”). Just about every rune turned up, but to summarize – the egregore was on its way out, they had summoned it and they blamed it for their failure. The spirit was being called back to the godhead but there was separation between them and the godhead. They were going to be experiencing winter.

“How long would it last?” I got the clear image of dice, and they rolled a six, so we wouldn’t be hearing from them for another six months.

For whatever reason Uriel left me.