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For whatever reason I went through today with the constant sense of “do a ritual tonight, talk to the HGA”. Not being terribly sure why, I tossed it out there to my wife that “Maybe we should do a ritual tonight”. She turned off True Blood to participate, which never happens.

My wife opened and totally took the lead, which is good. Immediately produced goetia sideshow sorts of effects, we’re not really sure why. The light started flickering, the incense did cool stuff, and finally (weirdly) the printer decided to clean itself. It periodically does this, but why right nowThe printer is an old HP 2600N I cleaned up and pressed back into service, it does weird stuff. She wanted to rapid fire talk to the spirits, so I told her to slow the heck down and opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, and KC. The archangel visualization before the last KC was a sense of standing on a large stone.

Someone had given her a pendant she wanted to try to use for divination, so she whipped that out. I find the pendant less than satisfactory because it can really only give binary answers. She indicated north-south for yes and east-west for no. I put on my headphones and fired up the app I wanted to try to put on some Theta and the gregorian chant with some rain and it was quite nice. I distinctly got a “WAIT”. I took out the headphones and heard my wife trying to talk with the spirit with the pendulum. I got a weird sense like a cup, so I asked her to put the pendulum in her hand. That didn’t seem right, then I figured out the spirit meant “chalice”, so I took her libation cup, and directed her to lower the pendant into it. Finally I got one last sense something was amiss, so I put the spirits seal under the cup. That seemed satisfactory. Uriel’s seal tonight comes from Skinner and Rankine’s Collection Of Magical Secrets. It is satisfactory.

Pendant and Cup


She also got out the tarot cards from the Thoth deck to ask her questions. Weirdly, the pendant stayed solidly centered when it was time for a tarot reading. Eventually I got to simply being interested in talking to Uriel directly and decided to kill the lights and meditate.

The spirit appeared with a “Here you are, finally!” He was wearing a sackcloth robe and maybe a shaved head. In one hand he had a scepter with a diamond in the top, it was made from gold. In the other hand he held a lantern, possibly made from a scroll. Somehow it didn’t burn. We walked along in sandals on top of scrolled rolled up – like walking on top of upright tree stumps but parchment. It made a slight rustling sound. Among other things I was told to give the headphones to my wife. She really liked the new app, which makes me happy. I don’t quite like it as much as Theta but whatever works. I asked if the van was a result of magic. Nope. I asked a few other questions. Out of the blue the spirit told me my kid was supposed to start learning to read and told me to buy some apps for him to accomplish the job. This seemed reasonable to me, so I will endeavor to do it. The spirit also pointed out my wife doesn’t know how the Tree of Life was formed and should read the Tyson book (“The New Magus”) or some Qaballah. It said I had the book she needs to read but repeated petitioning wouldn’t give me a title. Likely because I haven’t read it yet since we were given a bunch of books by a friend.

My wife and I quizzed the spirit a bit more, Uriel does the same thing Enochian spirits do which is when they’re done they’re done. Aside of the goetia sideshow, a moth came out of nowhere (literally, we’re indoors, in a room with a shut window) and after an hour of meditation, the moth chose to fly directly into the candle, extinguishing it. Weird, but true.

Poor Moth


Not sure where it came from, not sure why it happened. Either way, after an hour in a dark, smokey, incense filled room, this moth went full tilt into the candle we lit for the spirit and put it out. I took it as a prompt to thank and dismiss the spirit. My wife swears the moth is mere coincidence but where did it come from and why wait an hour to kill itself? Incidentally the hour happened to nicely line up with the end of the planetary hour.