I have been on vampire hours at work being on call and having to slog some infrastructure into existence. The problem with infrastructure is that people think of “the network” like people think of “the sun”. It never crosses their mind someone has to build this stuff. Then, when people find out the sun won’t be shining for the day, they ask us to work really weird hours to build stuff out. I’m grateful for employment, but damn if it doesn’t suck working at 3am. To add insult to injury, I was on call, so my sleep was already screwed up.

I’ve been having a recurring dream, and I haven’t quite figured out what it was for, or what I was supposed to get out of it. In the dream I’m in bed or out in the yard. Its night out. Above me is The Dome. It’s sort of Saturny, except perhaps if I’m in the Garden. There’s a sense of being outdoors but in a grove, rather than any sort of specific place from my map of reality. In fact the area below is so dark that only silhouettes present themselves, because it is extremely dark.

Darn you NASA for having such pretty pictures

The sky usually draws my attention, the stars are innumerable and the bands of the milky way are clearly visible. But in the center of this all is a diffuse, milky light. It would be the moon except it swims ever so subtly. I originally assumed it was Gabriel but every time I’ve tried to interact with it, the jellyfish-of-light just gives me a sense of amusement and swims a bit faster for a moment. Paradoxically the sense is something like a point in space, as a hole, with a bubble pushing through it, and the jellyfish lives in the bubble. I really had no idea what to make of it, except I distinctly remember having the dream three times.

Out of the blue I get an IM from a buddy on a decidedly more shamanic path about the same sort of imagery:

Howdy! I wanted to message you last night about stuff but was too tired & delerious. Interesting spiritworld stuff, actually visible manifestations of things. Drug-mediated. Just kaneh bosem, though. Little bit of alcohol, coffee, l-dopa, magnesium, valerian, skullcap, hops, holy basil, chamomile, & lemon balm. Oh, & a smidge of tramadol. Dreams were wild. Instead of being really disoriented & “decompression-sickness” upon waking, I felt as though some spirit guide who was involved in the dreamings had not fully severed its link to me & there were some bizarre but coherent things communicated as that faded with a return to waking consciousness. Guessing the blue moon/solar flare has something to do with it!

Now I’m thinking maybe it was just the beat of the universe having a good play at all of us. I do often wonder if magicians are more prone to the influences of the Big Thing because we try specifically to tune ourselves into magic. This is sort of a Jason Miller-ism, so what I would really love as an exploration of this topic is to have the readers post if they’ve had any sort of recurring dream in the last week. If you don’t want your name or wordpress ID on it, you can also mail me and I’ll post it anonymously similar to the quote above.