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Happy topics, right?

I intended to get ahold of Saturn because it was put to me to find out all I could about babies and how souls work. I’ve been compelled recently to tighten up the magical regime. I’ve been told in no uncertain terms I need an actual sword for operations which call for it and I need to keep better observance of the times of things. This vision literally ended on the stroke of the planetary hour, I wish I had more time.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Vision of the archangels was like a sunny-day-hurricane. Water, storms, lighting, but the godhead was extremely active in this portion of things.

Looking into the big crystal ball, I caught a glimpse of a figure wearing a robe after about 10 minutes or so. Seemed quick. I was about to challenge by signs when it flashed an almost indigo sign of Saturn at me. I responded in kind, and the crystal became a doorway.

Saturn-as-death was there, and took me on a bit of a tour. I had gotten into a completely different discussion with someone about hauntings, and I had affirmed Levi’s view that people leave two corpses – one physical, and one which is their intelligence. The intelligent corpse is the soul or spirits interface to the lowest realms of spirit, which is intelligence. Plenty of smart people and such have no spiritual life whatsoever, and while this is tragic, it also illustrates the point. They function on the lowest spiritual level and are perfectly happy. The boats in previous Saturn visions are the people who realize there is a spiritual realm, but literally can’t give up their intelligent selves. (This is me, I’m screwed). Perhaps worse, the spirit took me by the hand and waded headlong into the mercury sea. Under the mercury sea were people who had given up their boats, and the floor was as though an aquarium. They watched through the glass to the reality of someone’s life. The glass was far too thick to be heard or seen through, but they watched, and sat, and watched. I was going to query the spirit more about these but she kept on moving. I too kept on moving. The bodies of the black watchers were as though walking through a creek. The ground and waters felt like they were saturated in muck – the black, not quite mud but not quite plants feeling was prevalent. The place stank. As unpleasant as it sounds, it is made unpleasant not by the spirit but by the actions of the people who have passed on and haven’t the will to make it to the summerlands. It worries me. Do they get bored and move on? Do they deny their spiritual selves?

Previously I hadn’t been granted any sort of free range to the island and the garden. I knew the tree of life was in the walled part of the garden but really wasn’t permitted to scry around that much. However, we eventually crossed dark, silty waters and we came to some rocks. Climbing the rocks, I find myself on the shore of the garden. Saturn is there, she’s again the Virgin Mary. I ask, “Where do babies come from?” A vision of a candied apple, the apple is melting and in a dark place. A vision of an egg, wrapped in two snakes, as though fallopian tubes. The snakes and egg glows, and illuminates her from within. The warmth is soothing, and I am unborn into the womb. From there a set of trees of life extend ever upwards, but they are twisted like DNA. We go up up up up at dizzying speed to incomprehensible height. About most of the way up I see many stars, and the stars form a cluster. The cluster is intelligent and outside of time, for inside the cluster is all stars and nothing but stars laying so close as to be a fabric of lights, and outside of the cluster is only the individual sense of a dense, heavy light. No other place in the universe is lit, there is either light, or there is a sense of light outside of darkness. The light of the fabric is all permeating, and nothing gets in or out. To be outside of the light is to be a conscious effort, and so by doing this I see a star separate out of the light, and it comes down. As it descends the ladder, it is colored by the ladder. The star eventually enters our solar system, and there are “keys” which are houses of the zodiac. (I have no idea how to describe this). The zodiac is like a sphere of many orbiting rings… The star passes through this, and I am given a brief, brief glimpse of being in the womb. It is a complete sense of blissful joy, but each nerve and blood vessel is brilliantly, brilliantly lit. There is no perception separate from a form of resonant, singing, a blend of noise played on a glass harp. I am born, in almost an orgasmic moment. The cord is cut. This is a staggering moment, as perception drops from spiritual to purely mundane. The ladder actually lives and ends in the placenta, and as the cord is cut, so is the spiritual link to the ladder.

The answers are sort of obvious – the soul enters the baby right before birth, and the soul is well aware of its journey, but to cut the umbilical cord is to also cut our link with the spiritual and totally and completely affirm our right to be here, breathing, and living on this plane. I could make moral exposition here, but I want to keep this as a “reporting” post and not a philosophy post.

“But spirit, this doesn’t answer the question. Where are the souls before they’re souls?”

The spirit looks a bit vexed, and I can’t blame her. I feel like it’s sort of a dense question. The vision rewinds, and we go up the ladder. We’re in a room, and the room is made of crystal. One of the crystal pillars bows to me, and upon its brow is written Lamed-Shin-Tet (or Tzedi). I have no idea what this means. The room is filled with luminescence, and the pillar itself flattens and moves. As it does so, it cuts a bit of the luminescence off and it becomes a star. The intelligent luminescence is aware it’s sending something out, and it’s a feeling of both trepidation and joy – actually it’s a lot like the feeling I’ve had when we had our first child. What will happen? How will this go? Do I know myself well enough to provide a role model and moral framework? Will we get there? A crystal crucible forms around the spark, and the spark descends down. As it does so, there are junctions and the spark chooses a path to go. As it does so, the path twists and loops and eventually coils on itself, becoming DNA….

The planetary hour ends, and I have lost the sight.