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It’s Thursday and I wrote on my hand I was going to do an operation for a friend, RR, to take care of his business (“MP”). Problem is, I got in bed, and forgot. Again. I did, however, engage in a bit of sex magic…

Decided to take a go of it astrally after making sure I could properly render the smell of the incense from memory. The QC seemed a bit dimmer than it should have been and instead of a bright ball of light, it was a sense of heaviness, and a dim white of raw cotton. I moved the ball around consciously, and felt the cobwebs clearing. However instead of the normal cross, I was taken by the idea that today it was the Lightning Flash. It was that kundalini feeling of BAM. I attribute this to getting it on with my wife shortly before the operation, and intentionally.

The call of the Archangels didn’t produce the normal sense of standing “on” a pedestal of Archangels, but rather I found myself in the Tower of Learning, which I have figured out is my Astral temple I swore I wouldn’t build. It is also the Hall of Records. The Archangels stood around in a circle, and in the middle of them was a pool as through a looking-glass. Around them in a ring around us and the hall was a sense of small children made of light, and they joined hands. Beyond them was darkness. They were singing and swayed. The pool clears, it becomes radiant, and the Archangels look at me expectantly. I vibrate Tzadkiel, and the Angel appears. Or rather there is a sense like drawing a curtain, and we are now under the Angels robes. The Angel is so large he drapes over us like a tent, and weirdly has no legs. Or perhaps this is the “raw power tornado” the Angels sometimes come as. When he does appear, the pool now becomes a map.

I ask to see the region my friend occupies, and the map resolves to an area. I ask to see his business. A sandstone castle appears, one turret is very tall and the rest of the turrets (6 more) are descending in two paths from it. I ask that his business be blessed and have a successful launch. I see the castle is filled with people now, and they seem to be cheering or celebrating somehow.

I ask to see the business he competes with. The business, briefly mentioned before on the blog as having some shady ties, appears not as a building but a black snake or dragon. A sword appears and cleaves it in half. The building that’s left looks sort of like a run down spanish mission sort of structure, and it appears unattractive and no-one goes there. I am satisfied that this has been accomplished.

At the same time, my leg seriously starts hurting, which I recognize is a slip in my personal control. I pray to Raphiel that he should heal my leg and prevent further pain. I am given a sense of warmth over my legs. When I prayed, I used the ADNI name, as though a petition from the people to God for a particular thing. The leg that is hurting returns to a normal state, and there’s a faint glow. I also ask Raphael to guide and give knowledge to my wife (passed out beside me) through our magical link made earlier as perfect vessels of union. The lightning flash seems to move down my arms and into (onto?) her. I’m hoping it’s enough of a jolt to get her Anatomy test done for nursing.

I thank the Angels, I thank the spirit, and I thank them for their continued blessing and presence.