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Changed things up a bit and used Sky Map to face the actual direction of the planet. Very useful. I felt things were really seriously improved doing it this way and will continue to do so. The altar was setup with a lovely blue cloth and candle shade, along with the black and white incense burners I’ve come to represent the merciful and wrathful hands of God.

The altar

The altar

Opened by QC, LIRP, LIRH, and QC. The vision of the archangels produced an effect like the flittering of wings. I was standing on a giant ball of light. I genuflected to the archangels and I bowed to the table for the invocation of the God.

The word came – “SIT”. I did so in my best asana. Having had a knee replacement already, this is awkward at best, and I sit on the floor. It quickly becomes apparent that this is intentional. The smoke is indirectly illuminated now, barely the color of the cloth and candleshade in the reflected light. The smoke is easy to discern shapes in, and clearly flows from left to right (severity) or right to left (mercy). I clearly see shapes in each of the sides. At some point a child appears, just above the crystal, in a pinprick of light. The child wears a white robe and a laurel wreath. This gets my attention, because the child is spinning around, innocent, and dancing. It is impossible to tell the gender of the child, and the voice is soft and singsong. The voice which asked me to sit is an angel, the child is the spirit I am after.

J has asked for divine help with his father in law (M). M is an alcoholic, and managed to marry a girl who took him for $30k USD. Unfortunately his drinking causes family problems, and J suffers from it along with his wife. His wife didn’t want to meet M’s girlfriend or wife, so he asked her to come out to coffee and she “magically” showed up. This caused endless consternation.

“[Secret Name], Jupiter, Dionysos, Lord of the wine and the prosperity of men, I bring you to M, (a vision), may his drink be a poison to his mouth, may he fall sick, may his alcohol no longer bring him joy.” At this point I felt not only the presence of the spirit, but something like someone leaving the room. I immediately felt ill and almost threw up myself, and sealed the deal with a banishing pentagram as I gagged quietly in the room.

“[Secret Name], Jupiter, arbiter of prosperity, may my wife find a new case and fruitful work. May someone request her specifically, and bring us work she enjoys and joy to a child.”

“[Secret Name], Jupiter, I have an Enochian Spirit already working here but I really blame our DBAs at work. [Specific list of problems omitted]. I need them to get fired so I can have a sense of renewal at work. Please work with [Enochian Spirit] to help them out.” Again, a banishing pentagram to seal the deal.

Later, I will attempt other professional goals with the spirits, but for now, I will be happy if the first two requests are fulfilled.