My buddy is opening up Mysterium Philippines and wanted to know what was going on over time – because trading rune readings is aweeeeesome. I grabbed some incense, walked around the room, and hallowed the space.

The first set of stones I threw were a total acknowledgement of the present situation. That usually means I’m looking in the wrong places with the wrong things. I switched out to tarot and threw some cards down. Everything was screaming “family problems”. The past was capped by Death, the present was dominated by the Six of Swords, and the future was dominated by the Three of Swords. Each card had three cards under it because I like arrays of arrays being a computer person and those provided explanation. The explanation cards would have been appropriate to what I know of this persons family history.

So at that point I pressed him about his wife, and apparently she’s been really opposed to this whole project. That was generally a win for the reading, but throwing another set of runes repeated the first set and also said she would come around.

The spread worth writing down was a runes-as-tarot spread (I usually hate those) where each stone represented a month in succession.

  1. October – Sowilo
  2. November – Eihwas
  3. December – Naudiz
  4. January – Fehu
  5. February – Thurisaz
  6. March – Raido
  7. April – Ehwaz
  8. May – Laguz
  9. June – Ansuz
  10. July – Berkanan
  11. August – Ingwaz
  12. September – Othala

Standard rune definitions apply – the trouble is going to be between December and January where it’s going to look terrible and then things pick up and start to blossom. Late January is when the rough spot ends and the castle building begins to take shape, March becomes the month when the business itself takes on a good identity, and smooth sailing from there.