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Rufus apologized, hopefully everyone can get along. 

How to Calculate Your Very Own HGA Values for Free!

Lets assume my birthday is 03/03/1965 at 9am in Kansas City, Kansas. It’s not, but we’re going to assume. Go to Astro.com and make an account if it pleases you. If not that’s OK too. Click Next…

Chart Settings

Chart Settings

The next page is largely pedantic but I prefer setting “chart selection” to “Astrodienst Style”. Under “additional objects” select “part of fortune”. Hit the “click here to show chart”.

If you scroll down below the wheel, you’ll see a grid with the planets.

Check out my swank numbers

Check out my swank numbers

Head over to the Daimon Name Calculator. It’s a handy tool. Notice the numbers before the degrees. When it asks for “sun” the answer is “12”. “Moon” is “15”, and so on, providing the astrological signs to the calculator. AC is Ascendant, and P.Fort. is Path of Fortune. But what’s Prenatal Syzygy? It’s the last full moon or new moon before you were born. This is where me and Rufus differ, I’m at least exposed to Arabic magic so I know that there’s “Day” and “night” births. Rufus would just use the full moon. Here’s the trick – if you were born at night, use the new moon. If you were born during daylight, use the full moon. Lets pretend I don’t remember!

Head over to StarDate and we’re going to use the Sunrise Calculator first. Don’t worry about getting the geographic location exactly right, you’ll only miss a few seconds. We can see on the 3rd, the sunrise was 7:08am, so we know for this person I would use the full moon for a Day birth.

3rd - sunrise at 7:08

3rd – sunrise at 7:08

From here, we flip to the night calculator. Putting in the dates in the drop down, we see the 17th was a full moon. However that’s after the birthday on the 3rd, so flip the chart to the previous month. Turns out the full moon was on the 16th of Feb in 1965.

Notice the moon phase we are interested in for the month is after the birthdate. Use the previous month.

Notice the moon phase we are interested in for the month is after the birthdate. Use the previous month.

From here, head back to Astro.com and notice the custom chart link now has your data. Click “add new person” and put your name in there with “moon” or something so we can flip charts. Select “event” chart.

Making a chart for the moon

Making a chart for the moon

We reveal the moon was in 7 degrees Virgo. Plug that into Prenatal Syzygy. The completed chart will look like this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.38.27 PMClick “submit”. The same box will come up but under it is the calculations you want. The Rufus method here is to simply read the Good Daimon name and append -El for Angelic and -Ah for Daemonic. Since we considered the Day and Night aspects of birth, Arabic flavored magic will answer to these names.

Your Good Daimon is your HGA. Your Evil Daimon is not your “holy guardian devil” but more like your own personal goetic spirit. It hangs out in the lower realms and gets things done on the physical plane. This also means it offers up plenty of temptation by doing what the operator wants without regards to morality or consequences.

How do I use the names?

You use them like any other spirit. I have found that the HGA will respond well to Crowleys borness ritual. You might even get the name of a celestial Angel which watches over you if you ask (it may not happen immediately, took me forever to figure out it was Uriel). There’s a huge tip here… Crowley says “myself made perfect”:

Thou art Osorronophris: Whom no man has seen at any time

The footnote is Osoronnwfris enumerates to 2220. Crowley has “Asar-Un-Nefer”, which he translates as “Myself made Perfect”. This is where you put the name of the HGA. Use whichever name you’re comfortable with or consider using the “value” line to find a value you’re comfortable with from Gematrix.org and use that name. But, this is the “preliminary invocation of the Goetia” to Crowley and that’s the gold. You would summon your “evil daimon” as a spirit from the Goetia… For the primary evocation, add your HGA’s name to the list, and call the Daimon with that.