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I had resolved to work through book 4 in chapter in verse in the order it was presented.

Of course Crowley puts the asanas first, because if people cannot control their bodies first, controlling their minds is hopeless. Unfortunately for me, I have Lyme Disease and a knee replacement from a roller skating accident as a youth, so my one knee is a rebuild and the other is shot from having to carry it.

This is crap. I am the master of me, I will do asana. Everything else is an excuse. I know my faults – I am fat, I enjoy machines so I use and abuse tools to overcome my brute weaknesses, and I am aging. I am no longer 16 or even twice 16. If I say “I am too old to learn” than I have accepted the ceasing of self improvement. I have embraced mediocrity.

I started out in the Dragon because KS had suggested it as his own and I figured we could swap notes. Aside of constantly sitting on my children I quickly found I couldn’t even approximate the position. Toes curled forward or up, my knees couldn’t reach. Finally in the span of 20 minutes I managed to even assume the posture stretching 5 minutes at a time.

Unfortunately I was overzealous and having stretched myself into the position, both my legs fell asleep and I found myself unable to leave the position. Actual time spent?

Ten minutes, at best.

Absolutely pathetic.

To further add insult to injury, upon feeling my legs again I pulled my muscles in my buttocks, so I had little choice except lay on our high pile carpet and type a blog post to pass the time, like the worlds most pathetic turtle.

Can people who can’t asana do magic? Sure. I keep my throne of evocation as an overstuffed office chair lined with pillows. When I originally put it together, I was thinking floatation tank and not yoga. However to do Crowley’s magic, I should cultivate this skill. And lose a few stone.