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The elixirs are a gold mine. Perhaps not because of some occult virtue how I made mine – mine is far too diluted – but because upon taking them, they have the same effect a good smoke does on the senses. I can taste the elixir for most of the meditation (I only got a little over a half hour once I settled in) and I can smell the rosemary the entire time. Unfortunately, the next elixir either needs to see me raiding a greenhouse or putting the project on hold for the winter. We had the first frost this weekend and the plants have all gone to stem. Incense seems like merely a cheap substitute at this point.

Opened by QC, LIRP, LIRH, QC. The visuals of the Archangels were like standing on a swiftly climbing elevator. A sense of motion. I assumed the Arrowhead, as I found this one easiest on the knees. I slightly modified it so I kept a straight back and the airway clear so I could maintain breath. No other support was provided. I broke at 10 minutes once to scratch my face, the next 20 were fine unassisted.

I intentionally did not use any of the books I normally turn to, I wanted the meditation work to be as free form as possible. The sense of movement persisted from the QC all the way to the assumption of asana, and the first inkling of visuals occurred after my break. The motion, after a swift rise, was to gently fall. The visuals had two white pillars, and they seemed to be at the bottom of a very large crater. The descent landed on small knolls and valleys, jutting out from the side of the rock face, which would provide a small rest and the ride continued. There were columns of light off to my left. No spiritual presence was here, I just rode along like a salvia trip, enjoying things as I went. Bump, descend. Bump, descend. Bump… I saw an arm, outstretched, and it held a fist, which then was an apple, and then three arrows at the center of the shaft. Each one of these it discarded.

After a bit of this I got the feeling that things were moving around in the pit. Crystalline caterpillars and other low-end forms made their way around me, as I went along. Quite beautiful, but lacking the spark of any serious intelligence, they took dim note of me and went about their business. At some point I briefly ended up in the Luna Room, and a table appeared to my right. This drew my attention to the right, where I saw lightning. The lightning appeared as an inverted Algiz. I was clearly supposed to acknowledge it as a second one would flash just to the side of the first one. I then saw an inverted Thurisaz, which turned into an arrow when I acknowledged the rune. Eventually I saw an eye, which I took to be a great snake or lizard, and the rune turned into an arrowhead and killed the beast. I then saw an inverted Tiwaz, and the lightning faded. In a rune reading I’m not a huge believer in the inverted runes being somehow reversed, so the meaning would be something like a very passive force becomes a motion which swings back and forth again. Very lunar imagery for the runes, and a pleasant surprise.

I sat for a bit after the lightning, and eventually noticed a face at the edge of a crater. This face turned into a skull. The skull was talking, but without flesh, it couldn’t make a sound. Eventually I decided to consciously enclothe it in flesh, and it produced a very gender neutral figure. The figure would not talk. Eventually the flesh dissolved back to the talking skull, and we went back and forth a few times like this before I gave up trying to tease out a meaning. Trying to pick up the skull resulted in nothing. The skull remained, sort of rocking gently in the lunar sand. Eventually I thought perhaps I should enter the skull, so I did so. The sense was that the skull could transform, like a mirror. I suspect I may be able to cast or control glamours with the skull, so I plan on taking keen notes on observations from my wife and coworkers in the next few days. (I would post them, but I know at least my wife reads the blog).

After that I got a sense of silver flashing right before my son kicked the door and “woke” me with a start. I said a very general thanks, and then left.