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I should start calling these the PhAQ.

What is the arrowhead asana and why did you change it? (from multiple people)

Picture 33H in Liber E as part of Book 4, or Page 15 Plate 4.

Sit on the floor, put your knees as flat on the floor and fully bent as possible. Looking down at your groin, they should make a diamond with your feet together. Grab your ankles and pull them toward your trunk. Then, straighten the back as much as possible to get a good airway. Your arms should be as straight as possible. This position seems to be the best match of “braced” and “asana” I could come up with. It works because I have two different ranges of motion in my knees at this point, so one’s “braced” is the others “overextended”. This also lets me gently pull the knee in by the ankle, so eventually I plan on having matching knees if I can do it without killing myself.

Notice that Crowley curls his head down, this is bad for breathing. I try to keep my back straight and my head extended to keep the airway open. Since sitting like this tends to compress the abdominal area, this isn’t the best position for breath, but I believe it meets the requirements with minimal modification.

Excerpted from H: Why didn’t you comment on the psychic value of the elixir?

I personally thought I gave a fairly decent account of it, but perhaps you mean “the elixir itself”. Like with any new tool or ritual, I feel like people who jump into it all HUR DUR THIS IS MAH WIZARD-OPINION miss the forest through the trees. Fact is, all ritual is framed up in outer ritual. Even if I were to perform the ritual “on the etheric plane” or somesuch it is easiest for our minds to hold the idea of a physical temple space. A plane is only defined by a series of reference lines, which in turn are defined from points, and all of these are physical analogies. The first part of getting to know an elixir or the effects it possesses is to use our grossest senses to perceive it, and only then move inward. I did entertain the idea that a more concentrated elixir might also have better magical effects at the expense of physical beauty, but a more concentrated version would also require less in the dose. It probably evens out. The search for a four-leaf clover would begin by examining a multitude of clovers, and hopefully each one would be interesting and unique unto itself, without possessing the psychic qualities of a particular clover the person seeks. I have a week of these I plan on doing, so I plan on enjoying the clover so to speak.