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On a side note, I was promoted at work while another (unrelated) manager was demoted. Long story short, work has been keeping me busy. This all went down day of Mercury, hour of Venus into Mercury which has made me reconsider Jupiter as an all-around business spirit. This is very likely the culmination of the magical workings. There was a huge working in here, but I am loath to write about it since I feel its very self identifying who I am if I commit it to writing. Maybe I’ll set a post to publish in a few months or so.

Opened by KC, LBRP, LIRH, KC. Strong “elevated” presence from the Archangels. Clean ritual room presence, but a sense of “open sky”. On the altar was a black cloth, a purple cloth folded as a runner, a purple candle, Jupiter incense, and I was smoking my Wizard Pipe with Virginia long cut. Also present was a Jupiter statue, and an incense box, along with the pillars of Severity and Mercy.

My wife didn’t even bother to wait for the spirit presence, and we didn’t vibrate the name long before we got the “clear sky” effect. I would normally associate this with the crown chakra but it wasn’t the oil-on-the-head feeling, or the lotus-opening feeling, this was a sense of a vast expanse of space opening up. I began to crystal scry. I did not need to test the spirit, the immediate correspondences presented to me were different from the normal, almost conversant tone I have with spirits. True spirits seem to be able to talk in Kabbala, and this was immediate.

The beginning ask was for a particular sum of money for my mother in laws house. I was seeing the spirit with his arms crossed as though an X. Before my wife could even ask for another value, I very clearly saw the numbers appear in the smoke (first $360k, then I saw $380k), which is still shy of what she paid but she’ll be $40k ahead if this holds up. The implication was that the sum could be reached if the house wanted to be sold immediately (more on this to follow).

The buyer would come from a town to the north (Atlantic City) and would pay the sum. Instead of working through friends and family, I saw a rolled up something like paper, or a vellum, so that she should advertise. There was a brief back and forth about how this should be done, but my take on it was to target that specific city if we couldn’t do the local paper. In typical magical fashion, I was told where to run the ad (where the buyer would be from) before I was told how the buyer would be aware of the house (local paper). This is another good hallmark of guidance.

I then saw something like fire in the sky, and a column of smoke, and the smoke turned into a bulb, and the bulb sprouted roots. (We were discussing where she should move to).

My wife asked how the spirit would be paid (this is a goofy concept for Planetary spirits and I don’t particularly like it). Instead, I was given an image of a rune or a carving we’re supposed to make. It was a tiwaz, but carved in stone, and in the middle of the rune was a lightning bolt, or a silowo rune. This was supposed to be carved in stone, blackened, then displayed on the property, then buried on the property when she left to indicate a final act of magic. This would, in essence, talk the property into leaving (or her leaving the property). I got the impression this should be done on slate or flagstone, which is a project for tomorrow.

I actually got very specific instructions on the placement and display of this.

This post will definitely see a followup, since I can reasonably publish the results after the house moves.