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This is the material followup to last nights post.

I grabbed all my normal going out into the woods stuff, planning to hike about two miles to a creek bed I knew there would be shale. Where I happen to live, flagstone tends to be blue/purple, which was a connection I didn’t make last night. In addition to the normal woods stuff, I had a yellow candle, a purple candle holder, a hammer, and a chisel. I also was wearing a necklace I had thrown on the altar out of impulse which paid off when I was going to be sent out to get supplies. I essentially have a talisman now to identify me as someone operating with jupiterian force, and I planned on picking the stone, making a circle, doing the proper evocations and invocations, and then carving the whole thing out in the planetary hour. Could I have put way more effort into it and made it a project? Sure. If I wanted to actually use my mill and put a carbide bit in there to do some real stonework, I could have picked up the stone and wrapped it in some natural cloth or copper and worked on it at home in sprints on the hour of jupiter. It might even infuse it with more powers. However, since the house needs to go sooner than later and I expect the stone to be picked up Monday, I opted to go full on tree hugger and move my ceremonial magic shop to the stone rather than moving the stone to the shop. The really important part is the work start on the planetary hour, but I’d like to wrap it all up neatly if I could. I also wore a purple shirt, which was entirely accidental.

The drive to the park was uneventful, excepting that I saw some mushrooms I was going to eat along the way so I parked and looped back and went to pick them. Unfortunately it was after the first frost, so while they looked fine from the car, they were either moldy or leathery and unsuitable to eat.

First frost ruined these.

First frost ruined these.

However, because I saw the mushrooms, I happened to also walk back across the bridge. I hiked down below the bridge and saw the bridge had some promising rocks under it. I poked around for maybe 15 minutes and found a nice square one which looked almost manufactured. I considered it might have been a lost turkey call but neither face was perfectly flat. I said a quick thanks and got back into the woods.

Now, being a hunter, I have some idea where the idiots on the trails tend to be, but I also have an idea where the hunters might be if I didn’t live in a state that forbade hunting on Sunday. I opted to follow game trails until I found a particular grove I liked. There used to be a log cabin in the woods and the ruins are still there, so I was going to head there since it was close. Problem is teenagers tend to drink there and sure enough, before I got around the bend I could hear the voices. Seriously, it’s 11am, go rake some leaves or something. I got off the trail and hit the less trode woods again and ended up looking at two oak trees. The oaks were growing really close together, which gave the impression of a door with the tops woven together to make a roof. I was actually so struck by this that I walked around it twice before walking through it. Once through I realized there were six more oaks and from the air they would appear to be a tiwas or algiz if you walked through the door. Futhermore there was a fallen tree (ash?) which made a nice handy bench with the roots making shelves.

If this wasn’t a Hof, I don’t know what it could possibly be.

Lets take a moment to appreciate how nice it is to get led around by the nose when I’m in the magical groove. If I hadn’t seen the mushrooms from the car, I wouldn’t have gone over to pick them. If I hadn’t gone to pick the mushrooms, I wouldn’t have found the rock. If I didn’t find the rock, I wouldn’t have walked to the old cabin. If I hadn’t walked to the old cabin which was occupied by amorous teenagers, I wouldn’t have run into the Hof or Elf Church or whatever we want to call it.

I did the KC, LIRP, LIRH, and KC. The archangel visualization was like four robed figures wearing flowered wreaths of the appropriate colors. I grabbed Planetary Magic, faced the Sun and read. Finally I lit the candle and settled in. Shale is sort of nice because it’s easy to scrape, so I didn’t really need to do much aside of scrape the surface of the rock and occasionally motivate the chisel with the hammer. The work went quickly, and feeling very woodsy I hummed a tune while I worked. I became aware I was being watched, and figuring it would be sort of hard to explain the whole bit I stopped the work and looked around. Turns out a doe had appeared at the top of the hill and was watching me, bedded down. (I swear I didn’t notice the deer when I started…) So I went back to work and the doe watched, and seemed undisturbed at the music and tapping.

Finally I decided I was done, and I was reasonably happy, and checking the time I could get home and still give my wife 10 minutes to work on the stone since it was her mother after all (she declined).

The stone.

The stone.

So lets take a minute to think about the work. The candle is pretty standard stuff, but the hammer is almost the personification of norse magic. The hammer, however, is really the wand. It is the percussive, emission venue of force. By using the hammer, we bind two things together with our intent and will, by virtue of its action. The chisel is the knife, it divides two things against each other, but by doing so it also reduces the magical complexity back from abstract concepts and anchors them to the lower, earthy realms. The hammer and chisel are a supremely useful magical allegory and toolset. With the hammer, I express my will to imprint something, with the chisel I remove the elements which are contrary (or neutral) to the magical operation, and between the two of them they work together to build up and bind up my intent to help this person sell their house. Even though they’re not particularly consecrated in some church sense, they become consecrated when we understand their contribution to the magic and make them subject to accomplishing the art.