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Occasionally something happens which is spooky enough it gets me wondering “what?”

F.B. pointed out that the Apollo Theatre collapsed. He also did quite a bit of groundwork, so most of these ideas are his. I thought he did an admirable job.

Now, why is this significant? The Apollo Theatre was playing a show called “The Curious Incident of the Dog”. Dog backwards has always been a popular joke about God. Apollo? The solar God.

The theater seats 775. 7+7+5 is 19. The collapse happened 20:15 GMT, but 2+15 isn’t 19. However the value is really, really close to 19. And what’s the 19th path? The Path of Teth. Who rules it? Sol.

Now where me and F.B. differ is he predicted Israel could launch an offensive on New Years Eve and it would end badly for them. Me, I personally see it as a nod towards New York. Either a nuclear event or an earthquake affecting NY.